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Feb 24, 2012

Just like that clicks

Sharing with you few shots clicked just like that when their beauty captured my heart.

A lone tree branch extending into the infinity .....

Bushes on the branch!!! I was reminded of the fairy tale characters,the gnomes and the pixies.... who knows, some little naughty eyes may be taking a bird's eye view of what's happening down! ;-)

A sunrise shot taken the day before we shifted from our previous house.

The couples sat on a cable and was enjoying the the swing when the breeze made the cable swing to & fro. The way they tried to balance themselves on it was a fun to watch. Learnt that these are called 'Drongos'. 


Vidhya said...

Awesome clicks mira:)hope u enjoyed taking the clicks!!

Usha Srikumar said...

Lovely clicks...
I loved the orange sun a lot....

Mahi said...

nice clicks mira! 1st click is poetic! :)

Mira said...

Thank you Vidhya, Ushaben, Mahi.

Vidhya, Yes enjoyed the view hence captured in my camera.

Ushaben, Yes, from this place (new house) I can see only buildings. By the time sun pops out of the concrete shades it is bright :-(

Mahi, poetic! wow! enjoyed it a lot...

Seema said...

Nice shots...

Mira said...

Thank you seema :-)

Your Kind Attention Please :-)

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