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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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Aug 26, 2014

Granny Square Drawstring Pouch © -Alluring Crochet


Hope you are doing good. I am back with my first post for this month.

I took a break from crocheting as my eyes badly needed a break. Finally back with my hook last week. Yesterday I was working on a small project-a drawstring pouch. The first easiest design that came to my mind is 'Granny Square'.

©You can use this pattern and make things and sell it. But You cannot sell this pattern. 

Used Acrylic 4 ply yarn of charming yellow and varigated shade of green, 3.25 mm hook for this project.

Measures : 6.5" (h) and 5" (b)

Stretches upto 8" (h) and 6" (b) approx

An alluring Drawstring Pouch with my own version of the Pattern diagram on how I worked on it.Hope it will be use to you.

I have shared the diagram I have made while working on this.

For the drawstring, make 70 to 75 chains, weave them through Row-7, join ends. Attach a tassel at the end to each drawstring.

Granny Square pouch is ready!

You may add in more number of rows to get a bigger pouch. Accordingly the string length will vary. Lining is optional.

If you need any help, do drop in the comments section.

Happy Crocheting


Anuradha Prem said...

beautiful colour..........very nice..

Triveni ulaganathan said...

Hi very nice bag and attractive colors.I am a beginner for crochet.I dont knw to read diagram paterns.can u post in easy english.pls..I want to make this for my daughter

Mira said...

Thank you Anuradha Prem

Mira said...

Thanks Triveni Ulaganathan. Please join us in the group "Passionate about Crochet" in Facebook. There you can easily learn and also share lot many things about Crochet. Will try to post the written pattern soon.

Triveni ulaganathan said...

Thanks Mira for the reply.I am already member PAC .In that page only I have fond your work.I am doing some crochet works by reading patterns.I dint know to read diagram.so ls share me i written pattern

Mira said...

Hi Triveni, don't worry. I can help you in diagram pattern reading. It is fun to work with diagrams. The above one is very simple one. Did you see the symbols chart i have provided? see that and refer to the pattern diagram. Start with 4 chains, slst to form a ring. Then 5 ch (3ch considered as dc and two chain for space), 3dc into the ring, 2ch, (simultaneously refer to the diagram. it is very simple to read and understand. give it a try).... If you want assitance do inbox me in fb.

Happy Crocheting.

Shravya Reddy said...

very nice designs! I love all of these rangoli designs . I learned many of the Rangoli designs from your post! Thanks for providing them.

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