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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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Mar 9, 2011

The Boon

Once upon a time, there was a small village called matiwadi where lived the village headman "Vittal". His wife 'Maitri" was about to deliver when a Jyotish visited there place and told vittal that 'the baby is a Boy but soon after the boy is delivered, the yama dootas will come & take maitri and that his son will not be a good at studies'. Hearing this Vittal became very sad as he loved his wife very much, at the same time, he could not do anything to avoid it as the labour pain has already started for Maitri.

Vittal with a stick in his hand was walking impatiently near the door, thinking that he will be able to stop the yamadutas entering his house. The yam dootas came. Vittal told them "Oh, the vulnerables, i humbly request you to spare the life of my wife" but the yamdootas told that they cannot go against their master's order and that one has to face his karma. Helplessly he stood near the door. Soon he heard the voice of baby crying and went inside to see his dear wife dead.

Vittal showered all his love on this small boy and named him 'Krishna'. When Krishna turned 5, he was sent to school in that village but he turned out to be poor in studies. after few years, the teacher became so impatient and sent Krishna back home, once for all. Vittal was worried about the future of the boy who showed no interest in studies. Few years went by and Vittal also fell severely ill.  Slowly, whatever meagre wealth he had also started diminishing with the treatment expenses. Krishna also didn't do any job and was sitting at home & taking care of his father. Vittal was praying to god with tears in his eyes to save his son by throwing some enlightenment on him.

God was moved with this sincere prayer and wanted to help. So one day God sent a buffalo to his house thinking that Krishna will milk it and earn his daily bread. When Krishna got up in the morning, saw a buffalo standing in front of their door, which seemed tobe owned by none. So, he took the buffalo to the market and sold it there. In return he got some money, bought the neccesities and that day's problem was solved as he and vittal could get a hearty meal after a long time.

Next morning, also he saw a buffalo standing and went to the market. sold it and with the money bought that day's requirement. Many days went on like this. God was taken back  by the cleverness of  little Krishna and was pleased by his devotion in taking care of his father at such a tender age, so appeared before him. 

God said " Dear Krishna, i grant you a boon, only one boon. Tell me what do you want?"
Krishna said "Oh God! I am very honoured that i am able to see you and so nice of you that you are going to grant me a boon. But i would like to take some time to think what i would like to have, as you are going to offer me only one boon. So please come tomorrow and i will ask you that boon".  God vanished . Krishna's joy knew no bounds that he had a darshan of god and he is going to grant a boon.  He didn't sleep that night and was in deep thoughts. Vittal was very puzzled about this stranger behaviour of his boy. T

The next day, when Krishna was praying, God appeared before him "Krishna, have you decided what you want?", Krishna said "Yes, almighty. Please grant me that one boon 'that you will grant me how many ever boon i ask you, whenever i ask you"

God was very pleased with his wit and granted him that one boon saying it will take effect if the boon is for good, blessed him and vanished.

What more can i write, you know very well how our clever krishna used his boon and lived happily everafter!! :-)


nityakalyani said...

Lovely story - even GOD got out witted. Please do write on these lines.

mira-arts.blogspot.com said...

Thank you for the motivation Nitya Bhen. Will definitely do.

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