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April 29, 2012

Harichampa / Manoranjitham / Artabotrys hexapetalus

Manoranjitham (Hari Champa) is a very incredible frgrant flower with a fruity smell.  Known as 'Harichampa' in Hindi, Botanical name Artabotrys hexapetalus.

It was in abundant in my aunt's home once upon a time. As there were snakes in the garden especially cobras, no one went  near to pluck one except bold elderly ladies. I don't know what connection the snake & the flower has exactly but I thought as it looked more like a semi tree-creeper than a plant, it offered cool shade & good cover which might have attracted the snakes.

It is a green colour flower which turns yellow when becomes old, finally falls down. 

During one of my walk in the recent days in the community garden, I was surprised when a cool breeze brought me a faint smell of the flower ,I thought it could be due to a flash of memory but another puff of air confirmed that I am not dreaming........which made me stare at each and every vegetation i came across my walk. Finally identified the birth place of the aromatic flower. There were 7 such plants planted near  the fence on one side. Luckily, I could spot the green flower hanging from one tip though it has camaouflaged itself very well.  

Soon I was lost into my childhood days at my aunt's place where went  for holidays. It was a rare flower for a city dweller like me to see and feel its fragrance. I was so happy to find one so near me and I was so happy as if I have met one of my old friend (yes, it is!) after 25 years .

I spotted a bench near the first one and seated myself........back into my nostalgic world, .............. I like them to be on plants as I know it will have more life in it than in my hands.

Four days after that, I again went to the park for my evening walk and saw the green flower has turned yellow. During my last round of walk a I saw the flower on the bed of grass under the plant.

Like how I feel refreshed with the smell it is making many noses & souls happy and that plant has found some meaning in its life by making others happy and I am still trying to find mine......

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