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March 12, 2011

Our Nashik Shiridi Trip (Part - I)

Our Trip to Nasik & Shirdi was a memorable trip to all of us for two things. Let me start with the good one.

This was not a planned trip, decided just a night before. My dear husband, arranged for a car. We packed our short & sweet luggages quickly. Next early morning, we started our trip happily after a hearty breakfast of Hot idlies in sambar and Dosas. Morning was pleasant without much traffic on the road. After we touched the nasik highway, we saw only greenery spread everywhere around us with some small green protruding hills with a yellow flower carpet adoring the greenery.

When we reached the ghats section there was some traffic due to rule breakers taking the wrong side of road for overtaking and got stuck thus obstructing traffic from opposite side for nearly an hour. This made us feel little low but the greenery around us, the different calls of unknown birds became our cheer leaders.

After we crossed upper vaitharana and reached the plains, it seemed like a journey in the heaven. The road was narrow. Greenery spread on both sides. Some places with fields & hardly 10 houses forming a village here & there that too many kilometers apart, with some dishes peeping out the tarpolin roofs. Hardly few vehicles passed by in the entire stretch of the road. No rest place, no  hotels, no shop to get water. Wherever, fields, appear, paddy were spread on the road so that when vehicles run over them, the grain will be separated from the hay. No mechanic sheds or garage for help, if the vehicle broke down. No alternate transportation too only few vehicles (can count with fingers) passed us. The road looked liked its hardly travelled except few bullock carts of the villages. Neverthless, we were enjoying our journey. 

We got a huge relief atlast when the road hit a main highway, which took us to Triambakeshwar temple. The place was very serene surrounded all the sides by hills. The season we went as after the monsoon. We had darshan of the deity, lord shiva in swayambu form. We had a simple lunch of roti, dal, rice and a subzi in a small joint near the temple. Took some shots when suddenly strong wind blew carrying along with it the sand, clouds surrounded and poured for sometime. Then we started towards Nasik.

Mira's Space: Akbar, Birbal and Banana

Mira's Space: Akbar, Birbal and Banana: "Emperor Akbar and his minister Birbal were very good friends. Birbal is famous for his wits & wisdom hence he had a special place in the ..."

Akbar, Birbal and Banana

Emperor Akbar and his minister Birbal were very good friends. Birbal is famous for his wits & wisdom hence he had a special place in the Emperor's heart.

One evening, Akbar and Birbal were sitting in the garden and discussing about official matters. A maid brought a plate of banana and some juice for them. In the course of their talk, slowly one after the other, the bananas were vanishing from the plate.

Akbar played a mischief by placing all the banana skins in Birbals side. When the conversation was finished, Akbar showing the banana skins on Birbal's side told "Birbal, you have eaten so many bananas!"

To this Birbal politely replied "Aalampana, i have eaten only the bananas leaving the skin but you have eaten the skin too"

Akbar was once more got impressed by Birbal's wit and they laughed heartily.

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