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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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January 31, 2011

My Winged visitors

Every Morning I have winged visitors on my kitchen window sill. Sharp 7 a.m. a pair of sparrow make their appearance, chirping happily announcing their arrival. I liked the way the wish me in the morning hours. I too have the same happy feeling when i hear them.  I feed rice grains to them.  Then slowly my other visitors will arrive.

My winged friends are : Two pairs of sparrows, 2 crows, pair of pigeon & a pair of mynah .There is a small protruding platform near window on which I feed them grains.

The Pigeon
Pair of Sparrow
The Crow

If I delay by few minutes, the sparrows will keep calling me putting their head inside the window like a child & catch my attention during the busy morning hours.

Its very nice to hear their chirping sounds in the morning. Each having  a different note. The mynah plays wonderful varying notes.

Pigeons are messy & greedy birds. They never let others have their share. Infact the pigeon is acting smart by allowing the sparrows to call for me for the grains, once I put the grains, immediately, it starts driving away the sparrows by making itself looking bigger & approach& them like a bully, overfeeds itself coming out with a big belly. Oversmart selfish pigeons some times makes me shoo it away.

When i start feeding them, initially i noticed the crow coming & taking some grains in its mouth & flying away with it. Later on it striked my mind that it is nesting. two months went like this, & one afternoon i had a surprise hearing a strange caller. Peeped through the window & saw a small crow. I casually put some grains, the mother crow came took the grains & fed the young one. How they care for their youngs. A mother is a mother whether its human or animal/bird. I am rejoiced to see the new member & now i have 3 crows visiting me.

Three days back, I saw a dead mynah in the pathway & was wondering whether it is one of my winged visitor of the morning as I did not see it after that. But today I am overwhelmed with joy to see my visitor back. But I feel sad for the dead mynah. But that’s how life in this world is. Survival of the fittest.

While talking to my mother, she told that the small sparrow’s population in our hometown has decreased very much which has become a rare sighting now-a-days & that she heard in the radio that it is because of the technology developments in communication like the dish for DTH & communications and the destruction of its home like small bushes & trees.

When these winged friends come to say goodmorning, I wonder what their future might be? One fine day, they may be seen only in books. such a day should never come.. 

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