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December 20, 2017

Thayir Molagai - Mor Molagai - Kondatam Molagu - Dry curd Chilly

Today I am Sharing with you a traditional recipe for Thayir Molagai / Mor Molagai / Kondatam Molagu / Dry Chilli.

The Chilli that is soaked in buttermilk and sundried adds a nice flavour and make it yummylicious and the best of the best accompaniment to the humble curd rice.

The store bought ones are just soaked in salt and dried. Hence they miss the flavour and taste of this home made version.

This recipe requires direct sunlight, Patience and Care. Patience is required as we need to slit or pierce each chilli and then the process of 14 days to complete making this. Direct sunlight is must to dry the chillies everyday till it is ready to fry. Care is to  mix them well for first four days after soaking and to dry them in sun and again at the end of the day, put them back into the remaining buttermilk. The outcome rewards you with excellent taste and worth all the appreciations you will receive.

I used the spicy variety of dark green chilli to make this. There is no need for any exact measurement except the consistency of the buttermilk.

I used the following for making one batch.  It takes upto 14 days to make one batch of this yummy chilli preparation.

  1. Green Chillies - 1/4 kg
  2. Lightly sour buttermilk - upto 1 litre
  3. Salt to taste

I tried making a self shot video to explain the 1st stage preparation process. Hope it helps.

Wash the Green Chillies and pat them dry.

Pierce each chilly and or lightly slit them. This process is very essential to avoid exploding of the chillies when they are fried in oil in later stage during use and also to help it soak in the buttermilk and absorb the salt.

Put them in a vessel. I use a Kal Chatti (stone vessel).

Put salt and pour the buttermilk till the chillies are soaked well.

Soaking period - minimum 4 days (every day, remember to mix them atleast twice in a day)

If you notice, the green color is fading as it gets soaked in buttermilk each day.

On the 5th day, take them out of the buttermilk and spread on a sheet or a plate and sun dry them. Reserve the buttermilk. We will use it again and again for soaking till all the buttermilk is absorbed and becomes dry.

After sun drying them, at the end of the day, put them back in the remaining buttermilk.  

Repeat this process of sundrying during day time and putting them back in the remaining buttermilk to soak overnight , till all the buttermilk is absorbed.

Finally sun dry them for 2-3 days more till they are nice and crispy and store them in an air tight container.

Whenever you need them, shallow fry or deep fry them in Oil and serve with Curd Rice.

This chilli after fried, can also be crushed in curd / buttermilk and had as a side dish for Dosai.

Frying :- For frying, once is oil is hot (in medium flame), put the chillies and lower the heat immediately. once they are crisp and bubbles slows down. Drain them.

Storage of chillies :- Store in an air tight container. For the fried ones, put a tissue paper at the bottom of the storage container and then store them.

Suggestion : In the similar manner you can make other Vathals (soaked in curd and sun dried using Sundaikai [Thai brinjal / Turkey berry] and Manithakkali [Makoi / garden night shade]

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