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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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September 5, 2011

The Golden Mango (Tenali Raman Story)

Once Emperor Krishna Deva Raya’s other was lying in her death bed. She told her son to grant her last wish of eating a sweet ripe mango. It was not a season for mangoes. But still the king managed to get a basket full of ripe mangoes. Before it could reach the old mother, she breathed her last. Krishnadevaraya was disappointed that he could not fulfill his mother’s last wish. He was not attending the court regularly. Seeing the king in grief, the royal guru a greedy person, advised him to donate golden mangoes to the courtiers which will help his mother’s soul rest in peace. King ordered the goldsmith to make the mangoes ready.

The treasury incharge informed this to the minister and cautioned him that the treasury wealth would soon dip to nothing. The minister called Tenali Rama and discussed the seriousness of the issue. Requested Rama to stop king from doing this at the earliest.   Wise Tenali Rama assured him and told him not to worry that he would handle the matter.

Next day, Raman addressed the waiting courtiers thus “Dear all, mangoes will be awarded only to those who gets a blister at their back ”. The courtiers in their greed to get golden mangoes, accepted to get their back burnt with a blister. A man asked Raman,” shall I get two golden mangoes if I get two blisters?” Raman said “ofcourse!” and offered him two. When this man’s turn came, he was given one golden mango by the king. The man complained saying he got two blisters in his back hence he should be given two golden mangoes. Hearing this the king was stunned and asked him what the matter was. The man told him the condition on which the golden mango was donated. King called for Raman and asked him why he is treating the Brahmins so cruelly. 

Raman said, “Oh King! My mother was suffering from a disease for which giving blisters was the only cure. She asked me arrange for it immediately and before I could, she breathed her last.   Hence to grant her last wish, I am offering them blisters” The king realized what a big mistake he had made and immediately withdrew the donation. He also thanked raman and rewarded him as he has proved the real side of the greedy courtiers.

Raman went home happily with the prize money in his hand and the greedy disappointed courtiers’ jealousness increased with Raman getting closer and closer to the King.

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