Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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March 10, 2011

Mulla & the rains

Mulla Nassrudin is a wise man who always come out successfully from any challenges put to him with his wit. He was living with his wife in his small house. It was very cloudy one day. Mulla was standing near the window and enjoying the cold breeze. He saw a holy man passing by his place when suddenly it started raining. 

Mulla called the holy man and said "Rain is a blessing from God, so why do you fear and running away from it. You should enjoy it" . The man hearing this had no other option but walked in the heavy rains, fully drowned.

Next day, mulla was passing the holy man's place and it started raining. Mulla out of fear of getting wet, soon started running towards a shade. The holy man was startled by this action of Mulla and called him "Mulla, yesterday you said, rain is a blessing from God. So why are you running away from it ?" To which Mulla hurriedly replied, "Oh Holy man! i am not running away from it but saving myself from committing the greatest sin of 'stepping' on the 'blessing' from God!" and soon reached a shady place.

Hearing this, the holy man went dumb! See how clever our Mulla is in giving a quick & apt reply.

one will get what one deserves

There was a blind man who had neither had relatives nor Home. Daily he used to go and sit near a Shiva Temple and sing songs in praise of Lord. Some kind hearted devotees offered alms in terms of cash and kind. His days passed like this. Lord Shiva and his consort, Devi Parvathi was watching this everyday.

One day, Devi Parvathi asked Lord Shiva, "Oh my Lord! the blind man comes and sits near the temple door and sings beautiful songs in praise of you and me. In turn he get alms but that too not regularly. He eats just once in a day and some times, he even didn't get that. I really pity him. I feel we should help him". Hearing this Lord Shiva said " Oh Parvathi! everyone in this world has to bear his Karma. One will get what one deserves". Devi Parvathi said " Oh the mighty Lord! but one can be forgiven isn't it. This birth, the blind man didn't do any harm to anyone but was only singing our praise with true devotion". Lord Shiva "Parvathi, it seems you have lost your thoughts in those praises". Parvathi "No, Lord. I pity him. Shall we give him one chance?". Lord Shiva said "Ok. You give him one chance. Only one".

The Blind man was on his way to the temple. Devi Parvathi put a bag of gold in the path. The blind man using his stick used to check whether the path is clear. He reached the spot where the bag of gold coins was dropped. Another two steps, he will step on it. But his destiny played its role. As soon as his stick touched the bag, he mistook it for a stone and just brushed it aside with his stick and moved ahead. Though he is blind, his ears are sharp. But he neglected the noise raised by the coin bag and carried on.

Lord shiva told Devi Parvathi, "Parvathi, did you notice that he don't deserve that! Though it was lying in his path, he didn't realise it though his stick touched it. His mind was occupied by some other thoughts that he didn't notice the jingling sounds of the coins. One will get only what one deserves. His karma is like that. So this birth, let him sing our praises, so that he will be absolved of all his past sins and reach the heavenly abode"

Let us think & do only good to others to make our karma take a twist and join the gods in their abode.

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