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March 25, 2012

An evening in the Garden - Tenali Raman Stories

Raman is very good in presenting timely wits and ease the tense of the situation.

One Evening, in the Palace Garden, the King, Tenali Raman, few courtiers, general, few important & brave soldiers were present. Some of them were boasting about their bravery in the war. They tried to portray themselves as the hero by with competing with each other in 'self praising'. Slowly they got into arguments.

Hearing this Tenali Raman got bored, raised from his seat, grinned and said "My friends, what you have done is nothing. I have done even more when I fought in the war"

Hearing this all of them were wondering "when did Tenali Raman fought in a war"?!

One man asked "Rama, when did you fight in a war? which one? what did you do?"

Raman replied "I cut the legs of an enemy soldier"

Another man asked "Why did you cut his legs? you should have cut his head. what bravery is there to boast about?"

Raman replied "What to do? Someone had already severed his head"

hearing this the garden was filled with laughter.

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