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December 10, 2011

Appam / Nei appam

Appam is a spherical sweet dish made using rice flour and Jaggery. This sweet takes a most important place in the house of Tamil speaking Brahmins who hails from Kerala.  It is also known as neiyappam as ghee is mixed along with oil to give it a nice flavour (pure ghee will make it hard hence mixing with oil). For marriages in seer this sweet dish also takes an important place.

Many gets confused between an aapam and appam. Aapam is not a sweet and it is shaped like a dosa.  There is also a dish called vellai appam  (white appam) from kerala. Whereas appam / nei appam is a sphere shaped and is a fried sweet dish.

You need to have the special moulds - a vessel with depressions to make the appams. If you don't have, then prepare the batter of dropping consistency and drop in hot oil in a kadai, deep fry.

Ingridients :- (to make 15 - 20 appams)

  1. Raw Rice - 1 Tea Cup
  2. Jaggery   -3/4 tea cup
  3. Small Banana - 1 No.
  4. Cardamom - 4-5 nos
  5. Ghee - 2 tbsp
  6. Oil for frying
Procedure :-
  • Soak Raw Rice for 2 hours & drain. 
  • Grate jaggery. 
  • In a mixer grinder, grind the soaked rice, jaggery, cardamom and small banana together into a nice paste.  
  • Allow it to ferment for minimum 6 hours or leave it overnight.
  • In the appam moulds (appa kaaral) pour little ghee and oil into each depression, heat it. 
  • Pour a small laddle of batter into it. When it rises, becomes fluffy and you see the ends turn colour into nice golden brown & crispy, with a sharp spoon  or a skewere turn it and let the other raw side cook till it is done.
  • yummy appam is ready.

Notes / Tips :-
  • Boiled rice can also be used instead of raw rice.
  • Banana will help you to get a soft appam & nice flavour. If you don't have small elaichi banana, you can use half robusta banana or the golden kela.
  • If you still find your appam hard for any reason, you can add a pinch of baking powder.

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