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September 13, 2011

Mira's Talent Gallery: Good Times of a FOODIE....

Mira's Talent Gallery: Good Times of a FOODIE....: Two days back, I was busy chopping veggies…zoomed my camera eyes ….I was shredding cabbage so thinly…then I started grating carrots & some ...

Good Times of a FOODIE....

Two days back, I was busy chopping veggies…zoomed my camera eyes ….I was shredding cabbage so thinly…then I started grating carrots & some garlic pods…..(high definition foodie visulation….please)…

I took the flour started kneading it….don’t know why I was finding myself busy that day…I can sense people in the house… relatives?..I didn’t give much attention to the blurred images in the background though they looked familiar to me. I was busy & focused towards my goal than cooking.

When the aata was ready, I sauted the veggies without oil and started making…..momos!! Yes one of my favourite healthy snack. Stuffed the small flattened chapathis and gathered the ends. Put them into the vessel to steam. My mouth was watering. The 10 minutes was moving in snail’s pace. I was waiting to open the lid…yes, 10 minutes over. I made some red chutney quickly and put in a plate. The good hot momos jumped into my plate and I started gobbling them one by one…forgetting to offer it to the blurred images around me…my HD vision and mind was only set on the momos. Suddenly I opened my eyes. OMG!!!..it was just a dream! Mira going gastronomic in a dream! “That is too much for a foodie” I said to my brain and tried to get control of it.

It was 4’O clock in the morning and I was left craving for hot momos rest of the early morning hours. Finally I got up to start my chores. But this craving never left me. So Sunday evening was declared as a ‘Junkie foodie evening’ (a long cherished dream of mine came true). We started with a wonderful ‘Vada Pav’ at a maharashtrian mess. Sharing is a very good habit. We shared them between ourselves so that we could enjoy variety of junks on a single evening. Moved from there to another place few streets behind to a khau galli where we enjoyed hot hot pav bhaji. It was still pouring down hence we were carefully selecting hot snacks and enjoyed them a lot. While we were finishing the pav bhaji…..the steam from the near by cart caught our attention! Yes! It our favourite healthy snack momos. After eating the junks felt very guilty. So do some justification to our morale, went ahead with a plate of Piping hot momos with yummy chutneys. Burning the tounge, we (“I” ?) gobbled the momos while thinking what to do next?!

As it was the day of Ganpathy visarjan, the junction was crowded with the immersion procession. M & M thought What to do now? ”Lets change the route!” Mira suggested the alternate route innocently without knowing the outcome. The aroma of dabeli pulled us to that corner and our vehicle creaked and stopped faithfully in front of it . While we munched the dabeli, the sweet shop near by (seems like a new one!) attracted our attention and so we packed some pedas and was about to leave. I said, let us complete the ritual with a can of 7 Up and so shared it between us and headed towards home with happy tummies!   


"Sarva Foodie Sukhino Bhavanthu!"

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