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August 16, 2011

Residents of Vandalur Zoo

Welcome you to Arignar Anna Zoological Park, (அறிஞர் அண்ணா உயிரியல் பூங்கா) Vandalur, Chennai. This is also known as 'Vandalur Zoo' which is spread on aprrox. 600 hectares of land in the sub-urbs of chennai. As no vehicles are alllowed inside the park, you can either walk it up or hire the bicycles to meet the residents who are staying far away from each other wiith their privacy. There is a battery operated vehicle available which will take you tour around the park. Also Lion Safari (whcih was available when we visited) is available but there is a long wait to get the queue to see the asiatic lions. Everywhere in the park you can see the flora and fauna giving greenery to the park.

It houses various species of animals, birds & insects (nocturnal too) in separate enclosures. the wonderful sight you will have is at the Tiger's place. You can pack your lunch and cooly sit in the shade of the big tree near its enclosure and eagerly wait to watch the big beast to come out of its camouflage. Its a pity scene to see some stupid people trying to throw stones into the enclosure and hit the poor majestic beast and provoking it. It is separated by a big moat from the neighbouring enclosure of spotted dears - the prey of tigers roaming happily without any fear in front of the predator's eyes.

Let me introduce to some of them whom i have captured in my camera.

the black long tailed monkeys welcome you when you enter the park.

the Gaur or the Indian Bison is a very powerful animal which even a tiger will opt for a prey only when it is left with no other option for food. Only an experienced tiger can kill a bison. See the muscles it has developed without the help of a gym.
Indian Bison / Gaur

A small adolescent peacock trying to dance with its 'forming' tail spread.
Are you able to spot two tigers in this photo? two male tigers in separate encloures in open. It was a wonderful sight to see it.

Black Jaguar

dearies, sorry i have lost some of the photos :-(  hence could upload only a few here right now. Let me check whether i could retrieve the others.

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