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October 6, 2012

Weightloss Tips

For weightloss, physical work out and regulated diet helps a lot. Sharing some weightloss tips which I follow.

  1. Early Morning - in empty stomach have this drink which not only helps weightloss but also boost your energy level.  [Squeeze in half lime, 1tbsp honey, 1" piece of ginger ground, warm water.] Honey has two properties. If taken with warm water early morning it helps in weightloss. If taken with milk at night it helps to gain weight.
  2. Include barley water twice in a week.
  3. Include horsegram in your diet weekly once. Both barley & horsegram increase body heat hence use it max 3 times in a week.(in powder form, gravy, water form)
  4. Keep drinking hot water instead of normal water (heat should be bearable). Jeera water is the best.
  5. Do stretchings frequently in between your chores. If you have tummy,  stomach crunches will help you shed those extra fat.
  6. Reduce sugar and rice intake
  7. Make a big vessel of soup so that you can heat & take it through out the day when you feel hungry
  8. Never skip your food as it will only make you hungry & crave for goodies.
  9. Before a meal have a bowl of soup to bring the appetite down
  10. Your meal should contain fiber, protein, essential vitamins & minerals. So include whole wheat Indian Bread (without oil), a big bowl of vegetables / Greens (not fried but boiled or if at all fried use olive oil), a small cup of dhal, a cup of buttermilk, a small cup of salad (this will also reduce your appetite and give you a filled up feeling), a small bowl of rice (optional).
  11. Night have your food 2 or 2.5 hours before you go to sleep. Staying awake late night will only make you hungry and end up eating extra. Have a light dinner & go early to bed.
  12. Oats Porridge (without sugar) for breakfast. If you feel hungry in between, help yourself with n number of bowls of soup till your lunch time or fruit bowls.
  13. If you talk on phone, walk n talk
  14. Every day make it a point to go for a brisk walk. If you have starting trouble then don't buy provision on monthly basis. Buy only those items which you need in bulk quantity (viz., rice, atta etc) for a month at one shot. Other items you try to buy it from local store during your evening walk. This will push you out of house for a nice evening walk.
  15. Never use curd, but have buttermilk for rice or to drink.
  16. Use Native oils as they suit your body more as per the climate of the place you live in. Gingely oil is considered very good for cooking. Never let the oil reach smoking point (except the mustard oil).
  17. Have sufficient sleep.
  18. If you are a greentea lover then go for it.
  19. When you are enjoying yourself eating yummy food, when you crave for one more helping, stop your thoughts there because that is how your body tells you to stop.
  20. Chew well and eat not in a hurry. As your brain takes sometime to receive the signal from the stomach that it is filled up, slow eating will help you eat the right quantity.

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