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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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March 15, 2018

Wall Art - Buddha - for switch board

It is alway nice to bring some changes in our home, isn't it?. Why not do it in an artistic and inexpensive way?!!  So for next few days I will be sharing with you those wall arts.... 

Today I am sharing with you a wall art that I have done near the switch board.  This make that place look lively and interesting.

When people visit us, they first ring the bell... that's the first place where we can display our artistic work at our home! So here I am sharing what I have done near the calling bell switch. 

Meditating Buddha represent peace and knowledge. I found this the best one to welcome someone with an artistic touch!

If you wish to give it a try, here is the link for the tutorial..... "Wall Art Tutorial"

Have a great time!

Wall Art Tutorial - Easy and Inexpensive wall decor

Hi There!!

It is always nice to bring some changes in our home. Why not do it in an artistic and inexpensive way?!!  

Silohouette Wall Art!!!

You don't know how to draw or you don't like to draw? No problem, You can still decorate your walls with this simple art!

You can do it on the plain wall or near the switch boards or on the plain door. The paint should be washable one so that if you want to change your theme you can do it by gently removing the old silhouettes and with a sponge can clean that wall and put your new silhouette theme over there.

Since Kid's summer vaccation is also nearing, you can take their help thus they are also engaged in an artistic craft thus help in productive time pass! Small hands can make big wonder!

What you need are... :-

  1. First, Choose a theme that suits that room.
  2. Buy Materials (Black Chart, White Pencil, Scissor, Paper Cutter and Fevistick).   If you cannot draw but want to trace, then you will also need Yellow Carbon, Empty Ball Pen and theme in a trace paper. 
  3. Clean that wall area (the paint should be washable one).
  4. Get into ACtion!!!

  • You can choose your own theme as per the room you are going to decorate. Could be animal, birds, humans, insects, Plants, Trees etc.  Silhouettes are the best, without much of drawing work. since you don't require any detail to be done. All you need is an outline. Keep it simple to make your work easy.

  • Then clean the wall area, to ensure the surface is smooth and dust free. Let it dry (moist free).

  • Draw the outlines for the theme of your choice using a white pencil, on the Black Chart. Or You can copy a design from trace paper to the black chart using a white or yellow carbon. since the outline will be faintly visible, use a white pencil and lightly draw a visible guiding line over the traced feature on the chart.

  • Before you cut, spread a paper as this will ensure that the waste fall on the paper thus minimising your cleaning after your work is done.  Cut carefully over the outline, nicely using a scissor or paper cutter. I first cut that part from the chart and then work on fine cutting over the outline to make the process easy!

  • Apply Glue stick or fevistick on the back of the cut silhouette and then paste it nicely on the wall. You can use a waste cloth while sticking them by gently pressing the work.

Abra Cadabra! Tada!! A beautiful wall decor is ready to bring your room Alive!

To check more of my wall art designs, click on the label on the right side viz., cookbook, crochet, kolam, Infinity, etc.. Under INFINITY click on Wall Decoration which will show you all the posts made by me, on this art. You may also check under "CRAFTS" and then sublisted "Home Decor" as well.

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