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June 4, 2011

Mira's Talent Gallery: Filter Coffee

Mira's Talent Gallery: Filter Coffee: "Coffee is an addictive aromatic drink the smell & taste of which is very hard to control your temptation. Its a known beverage throughout th..."

Filter Coffee

Coffee is an addictive aromatic drink, the smell & taste of which makes it very hard to  say "No" for many people. The rising number of Coffee Shops says that.

It is a known beverage throughout the world which is had with or without adding milk in different forms and flavours.

Filter Coffee famously aka "Filter Kaapi" is a very common hot beverage in Southern India mainly in the State of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka,. South Indian Coffee comprises of  filtered coffee decoction mixed with Sugar and Freshly boiled Milk.

Variety of Coffee Beans
1. Arabica - tastes very good
2. Robusta
3. Plantation A
4. Plantation B
5. Peaberry

Commonly used coffee has some small porportion of Chicory (from chicory plant) mixed to it to make the decoction thicker.

In every southindian home it is custom to offer coffee to their guests in the traditional brass tumbler kept over a brass cup called 'Davarah' as shown in the picture above. Now brass is replaced with steel.  It is a common sight in homes to see the men reading their morning paper sipping hot cup of coffee and sometimes, they end up gulping cup after cup of coffee.

Coffee tastes best when made using freshly brewed decoction and freshly boiled milk. It's taste & aroma is very addictive. The aroma that floats in the air will tempt you & invite you to have a cup of hot Filter Kaapi .

Mostly a traditonal breakfast ritual is not complete without gulping a good hot filter coffee

How to brew Coffee Decoction :-

  • A vessel called 'Filter' is used to brew the Coffee. It contains two cylinderical compartments one at the bottom and the other a "perforated" one is kept on top, having a lid and a presser. 

Filter Coffee Powder

  • The required quantity of Coffee Powder is put on the top compartment and pressed lightly with the presser. Boiled hot water is poured over it to the brim. Then it is covered. It take some time for the water to get through the powder and the decoction to fall into the bottom vessel.
  • The Filter should be dry before you put in the powder.
  • If its freshly cleaned then wipe the inner part of the upper compartment with a dry cloth and show the base (with holes) over the flame. This is done for two purpose, one to get the wholes completely dry and to prevent the powder blocking the holes. If any block is there, that will also be cleared.

How to prepare a coffee:-
  1. For Milk + coffee :- Boil milk. In a vessel, put the required sugar (normally coffee tastes better with little sugar. but some prefers it sweet. so you can add sugar as per your taste). Pour the required decoction (some prefers light and some dark, hence accordingly it has to be used). Add milk to it. Then it has to be mixed well till froth forms on top using two tumblers by pouring them into one another. Your aromatic filter coffee is ready to serve.
  2. The normal sugar quantity is 1 tsp for one standard tea cup of coffee.
  3. For black Coffee :- Just add sugar to the decoction and pour in hot water. Mix & serve.
  4. Still there are households who practice ancient method of  adding jaggery io make black coffee and it will taste good.
  5. If you don't have filter then it can be prepared using traditional method. Take a vessel, put the powder and pour in the required hot water over it. Leave it for sometime till the powder settles at the bottom and decoction floats on top. Slowly transfer the decoction to another lidded container to use.

Tips to make a good coffee :
  1. If you had to use already boiled milk instead of freshly boiled one, then Do Not Boil or reheat milk for the second time directly, as it will give bad taste to coffee. In such cases, use double boiling method to reheat the milk. Place a bigger vessel containing water. Pour the required boiled milk in a smaller vessel which will fit into the bigger one. Place it inside the bigger vessel. Keep it covered. A milk reheated this way will help maintaining the taste of coffee.
  2. Similarly Never reheat coffee directly. Use only double boiling method to retain the taste.
  3. Never pour boiled water immediately as it will be so hot. To retain taste, water should be poured when it is about to boil.
  4. The first decoction and the second one can be mixed together and used. Normally the good aroma goes to the first decoction and the thickness goes to the second one. Hence i always mix and use them.
Storage of Coffee Powder and Coffee Decoction :-

  • Coffee Powder should be stored in an air tight container to retain its aroma and kept in a cool place safe from moisture and heat. While in use, never leave the lid open for a long time.
  •  To store the decoction different methods are used in different households. When members are more, it can be stored in a thermos. otherwise, you can transfer it to an air tight container and store it in refrigerator otherwise fermentation will take place and spoil the taste of coffee. 
Properties of Coffee

  1. It has caffine hence will boost your mind when tired or depressed
  2. Some gulp coffee after coffee.  Anything in excess is not good. Hence coffee should be used in minimal quantity.
  3. If you have bad cold, sore throat or fever, crush some pepper and dry ginger. Boil water, add the crushed items to it along with some jaggery. let it boil for 2 to 3 minutes. Filter it to a tumbler. Add a tbsp of coffee decoction and drink this to get good relief.
Its raining here as the monsoon has already started. I am enjoying my cup of coffee this wonderful morning, the aroma & taste of which has made me to write this with my hot cup of steaming freshly brewed coffee on my side. I am  a coffee Lover!  Do you? Wish you all a very happy Coffee Morning!  

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