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March 9, 2013

Marriage? - a quick guide to both Bride and Groom

  • Respect and Love should go together and be reciprocated.
  • Fighting is quite common in marriage. These fights only make the life more interesting because reunion after a petty fight brings you together more. Don’t lose that opportunity by giving importance to your ego. Only your life partner gives you companionship and not egos.
  • In any arguments never use harsh words. Avoid an argument. Keep your cool and take the situation through the right way. If any hard words exchanged, forget them because words told when one is anger is coming out of madness and lose their meaning later.
  • Avoid any personal talks or talks related to any family members or relatives while having food. Enjoy your food.
  • Respect each other’s in-laws. Never complain about your in-laws to your parents as they are your family members and talking ill about a family member to a friend or outsider is like letting out family matters in public (unless you are in a very bad situation and needs to vent out by confiding on someone).
  • Never make funny jokes about your spouse in front of others unless they are good enough to take it casually as a joke. This action will not get you ‘comedy king / queen’ crown.
  • If one is not feeling well mentally or physically, understand and lend your support.
  • This relationship is just not physical. Hence give importance to the person and their feelings.
  • Never hesitate to say to each other irrespective of how old you are. Love will prevail till you reach the destination of this journey.
  • Small exchange of gifts may boost the spirit. Gift not means expensive. Even a small bar of cholocate hidden here and there will surprise your spouse and convey your unspoken love
  • The more years you pass by the more strong your bond will become.Actual life starts only late because it takes years to get that bond hence breaking of pre-matured relationship should be avoided wherever possible.
  • Try to make this journey a peaceful and memorable one for each other and pass this to your future generations by putting only flower petals on the path for each other. Join hands and start your life. valentine

Happy Married Life


PS : I just tried to give some basic things before starting a new life and not covered entire aspect. Hope it will be of use to you.

You are welcome to share more inputs along with your feedback :-)

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