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March 27, 2012

When I hear the word Green - Part I

I first recognised the colour in my childhood days when my mother introduced me into the world of nature by describing things around us & developed the habit of admiring Nature and enjoy the changing ambiance around. Thus I grew up becoming a nature lover.

During my childhood days, whenever I was given an injection, she always told me to look into something green in colour which will lessen my pain. Whether it did or not, I had the habit of watching green things inside the clinic while getting injected and luckily those days, many doctors had a green curtain in their clinic.

When I happened to see a crow's nest. I was so surprised to see the green spotted eggs as I have seen only white eggs till then.

When I first saw a green flower in my uncle's place. I have never seen a flour which is green in colour till then. It is a 'kanakambaram' (tamizh language) flower. which is known in english as 'firecracker flower' and botanical name crossandra infundibuliformis.

Normally it is seen in three different colours. Orange, Dark red like orange and yellow :-

 image courtesy : google search

the green one taken during one of our trip looked like this :-

My mother said during her childhood days, the house where they stayed in had a green rose tree. It was so old and has grown big & thick like a tree. Though I have not seen one in real so far, here is the link for a green rose which one of my blog pal is growing in her garden and recently made a post on that :-

I love the green grasses in the lawn. Love to lie on them & stare at the blue sky above me. I love to do night sky watching lying on the cool grass on a hot summer day. http://emoticoner.com/files/emoticons/smileys/star-plucker-smiley.gif?1292867680

Greenery brings freshness to our eyes and mind. That is why we love to sit in a garden or enjoy our trip to a hillstation or country side. 

With the increasing concrete jungle culture, seeing greenery  is like a oasis on a dessert. Some bring green into their house with pot garden. whether it is a normal plant or a bonsai or terrarium. Whatever be the form, they bring a life into our house. Due to lack of space, I could not go for big potted plants. Hence I bought small indoor plants to satisfy my love for plants.

Terrarium :-

they are miniature garden which grows on moss. In places where there are water shortage, these comes handy. Here is the link to the sight which talks about terrarium and how to make a terrarium "http://www.stormthecastle.com/terrarium/"
Image courtesy :- google search

Green is also considered as a symbol for prosperity. who will not love to see lush green around them!  Luckily we have big gardens in our area to satisfy that thirst of our eyes.

The sahyadri hills & western ghats get covered with lush green carpet during the monsoon season. During winter we can see blossoms of various colours blooming here & there making tiny decorative patches on the green carpet. I still remember our trip to Matheran and Mahabaleshwar during the end of monsoon season. I was not having the camera that time to share the pictures with you. But they are still fresh in my mind.

Green Colour plays such an important part in our life refreshing our mind as well as soul.

Let us go green :-) More smileys for free download

Continued.............. part - II

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