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April 9, 2013

mango Mango Mangoes........

Mango mango mangoes....mad I go behind mangoes!

Mango is not only the king of fruits but also the National Fruit of our country. It's an oldest fruit which has its place in hindu mythological story about Lord ganesha and Lord karthik (murugan) contesting with each other for winning the fruit and fixed a race to go around the world. It stands first among the trio (mukkani in Tamil) viz. Mango, Jack fruit and Banana.
Everyone eagerly awaits for the Mango season to arrive. Whatever be the variety of mango you get in your region, mango has a special place in people's heart.

Start of the season brings in the tender mango which is used in pickles. Nothing is comparable to its taste. It has a special aroma and the crunchy texture makes it even more interesting. I love my simple meal of Curd rice and Tender Mango Pickle.

Then arrives the fully grown raw mango. They can be pickled as well as eaten raw or mixed in chats and salads, we make a curry using a combo of mango + cucumber (manga kootan) and mango pachadi (a sweet accompaniment).

Many love to eat raw mango with little salt and chilli powder. mouthwatering isn't it? ;-)

Various types of pickles can be prepared and accordingly the shape changes.

  • Normal pickle - with just salt & red chilli powder
  • Instant pickle - we also call it manga curry served in feasts.
  • Pickled in salt - which can also be used to make raita (arachakalaki)
  • Avakkai - the famous pickle from Andhra Pradesh
  • Thokku - the mango pieces looks mushy 
  • Chunda pickle - sweet version from Gujarat
  • Sweet & spicy Pickle - pickles using salt, red chilli powder and jaggery
  • Tender Mango Pickle - plain salt as well as spicy version
  • Lot more to go in this list as per the region and tradition.............
We can prepare "Raw Mango Rice" - a variety rice using the less sour variety known as 'thothapuri' which is little elongated with a curve at one end.

A traditional simple curry using raw mangaoes called "Manga Kootan" - specially made in the month of April (during the Malayalam New Year Vishu).

Then comes the season of ripen mangoes.....

wow! what a variety of them available in our country!! Let me try to list atleast those what I know (good memory game!) ......

  1. Alphonso (ratnagiri / devgad etc)
  2. Badami / Banganapalli
  3. Thothapuri / kili mooku
  4. Neelam
  5. Chakkarakutti (TN special) - sweetest of all!
  6. Salem Malgoa
  7. Kesar

Mampazha pulissery (curry / khadi) using ripened mangoes never miss my menu during the season.

In Gujarat & Maharashtra you get the famous "aamras" during the season. Aamras and puri is a very good combination that goes in every gujarathi house during the season. The pulp of the sweet ripened mango is extracted and preserved to be used for this purpose. Hotels too serve aamras during the mango season as a sweet accompaniment to a thali.

I recently had tepla with aamras. wow! what a combo it was!!!!

waiting to taste this season's alphonso.................

wish you all a happy time munching into sweet mangoes.

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