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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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November 18, 2011

Paper Holder

The news paper boy always used to throw the paper at our door steps. As I am busy in the morning hours inside kitchen, i never find time to wait and look for the paperwala to come. My old FIL finding it difficult to bend and take the paper waits for me to pick it up for him. 

Yesterday I was emptying a packet of washing powder into the storage container and suddenly  was strcuk by an idea. After finishing my morning chores, quickly I sat with the materials in front of me to make a ......"Paper Holder"!!!.

To make it, you will need :-

  1. Empty Carton Box
  2. Handmade paper
  3. Craft Glue
  4. Cellotape
  5. Glitter Glue
  6. Thick rope
  7. Punching machine
  8. Scissors

Procedure :

To make it strong, put cello tape and secure the bottom of the box from inside as well as outside. Similarly stick cello tape to the side where you see the stuck portion. The top covering portion also to be stuck erect using cellotape, as you see in the picture.

Place the carton box over the wrong side of the handmade paper and draw the outline for the sides you want to cover and cut it.

Apply glue over the sides and stick the cut portions of hand made paper

After it dries, decorate the box with glitter glue. Make hole on top portion. Take the rope, tie a big knot on one end. Insert the other end through one of the hole from outside to inside. Pull it out through the other hole and put a knot on that end. I cut the "times of india" from the paper and stuck it in the front side.

Your paper holder is ready to be hung!!!

I fixed a small hook near the door to hang the box. Today I waited for the paperwala to come and instructed him to fold paper and put it into the box. Now my FIL need not depend on us for his morning paper, as he can now pick it up from the box.

Baby musquito came back after its 1st time flying!!

His dad asked him, "how do you feel?"bugs

Baby musquito  smiley replied "It was lovely, all were clapping for me"

LIFE is how you look at it.

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