Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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September 1, 2011

My 8 little friends & little lambodaran

This year celebrated Ganesh Chathurthi in a very simple manner. Just offered "patram, pushpam, palam, thoyam" to my little Ganesha. No Mothak for little lambodaran :-( but told ganesha i will compensate on the chathurthi coming next fortnught. Ganesha too felt that a good idea and said he got pampered everywhere hence his tummy was full so he would come and enjoy a special treat from me leisurely.

Welcome you to have the darshan of my ganpati bapa

As my two little friends got injured, the other 8 little friends helped me to do a very very simple pooja. Yes, my finger friends. Sharing a koalm i drew for this chathurthi.

You might think "what's special about this simple kolam?" Yes, it is special for me. I drew it with my left hand. I am a right hand user and i was worrying that i could not do anything for ganesha on his special day. I didn't get a proper sleep and my subconscious mind was chanting all ganesh slokas which i realised when i got up. when i noticed that the last few lines of 'muthath karatha mothakam' was playing in my mind. I was excited. After my bath, got flowers for ganesha. Arranged everything for the pooja. drew the left hand kolam, chanted slokas and offered the 'patram, pushpam, palam, thoyam".

These friends in the recovery room made me realise their importance very much. Never acknowledged my friends who helped me to carry out my activities all these years. our body is a temple, but hardly we recognise that. So this ganesh chathurthi brought an awareness and enlightened me. Learnt to compliment and recognise the value of the freinds (viz., legs, hands, nose, ears, eyes, skin, lungs, heart...etc.).

Even to type this post and take photos the little friends helped me supporting the other two  who are in the recovery room. thank you friends.

May the vignahartha clears all hurdles and bless you all with healthy long life and evergrowing happiness.
"Ganpati Bapa Moriya ; Mangal Murti Moriya"

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