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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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October 5, 2012

Navratri Golu Ideas

  • There are variety of themes available from traditional to modern world viz., on saints / devotees, Temples, village life, Mythological stories, Pilgrimage, Festivals, On specific deities, Go Green, Good Thoughts, Mountains, Rivers, Clay works, Wood Works, Art & Craft etc
  • You can use idols, pictures or drawings / paintings by you or by your kids or a mixture of it to display the themes
  • Use a light shaded background on steps etc so that it gives clarity to your display. White or off white is the best colour for this purpose.
  • Instead of going for electric illumination go for Oil Lamps or Candles to give a classic effect
  • You can hang a nice saree or netted shiney duppatta material available for decoration to decorate the centre background wall going to the two sides of the golu steps.
  • You can let your kids make paper butterfly and stick it here n there. Involve them in decorative works as it will also keep them engaged and let them knowledge of the tradition & golue arrangement - a helping hand for you. 
  • You can make kolams in thermacol or plastic plates for each day and keep on display.  Also discuss some topics on different types of kolams (dry flour, wet flour, spirals, dotted, geometrical, various types of rangoli etc).
  • Flowers floating in water along with some candles also bring a beauty to your arrangement
  • If you or your children has talents like singing, dancing, story telling etc you as a colony of people can come together and arrange functions by 8 pm to bring out their talents, award each kid. Light refreshments can be distributed between various families for each day thus bring equal participation & involvement.
  • If you or your children know art & craft works. Let them teach it to those who are interested to learn (elders & kids). This will make the celebration more interesting.
  • Play some light classical instrumentals in the background to lit up the ambience.
  • Make sure you have one senior citizen from your neighbouhood (you can bring them together and plan for it) to be present everyday evening to tell mythological stories.
  • Make yourself available or your kids to give a warm welcome to the guests. A smile & welcome makes the occasion inviting.
  • Offering sacred things like chandan, kum kum be given to kids.
  • Plan a evening celebration exclusively for :- (never forget to invite the those living in single in all the below celebration)

  1. senior citizens
  2. Kids
  3. Wives
  4. Husbands
  5. Family get together

  • Make sure every night after the traditional golu poojas & visiting hours you along with neighbours or your building / colony people come together & spend some quality time together. It strengthen the relationships. Moreover such celebrations will help you get introduced to any new comers in your colony / building. 
  • If celebration happens as a community, together then expenses can be shared & joy increases. Binds the relationship & cultivate good habits & tradition to the young generation. 
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Wish you all a happy navratri.

Jai mata di


வை.கோபாலகிருஷ்ணன் said...

Useful and timely ideas. Thank you. Mira.


latha ram said...

Useful points Mira...Keep rocking

Mira said...

Thank you Gopu Sir, Latha

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