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June 29, 2014

Magnetic Fasteners / Button - Tutorial for attaching in crochet bags

I was looking for a simple idea of attaching Magnetic Buttons / Fasteners to a crocheted bag. Came across this nice tutorial here http://www.thepurseworkshop.com/magnetic-snap.html.

I captured each step when I followed the tutorial and now sharing with you. It is a very easy procedure. So many photos are to guide you through the process step by step.

Hope it helps. I made a slight change in the tutorial as I found it convenient. Stitched the flap after attaching the buttons otherwise insderting them and bending the prongs will be little diffcult through the gap of a finished & sewed flap.
Ok, so first thing we should note is, A set of magnetic fasteners / button comes with 4 pieces as shown in the photo below (two washers and two pieces of fasteners with prongs on their back).

Now let's see how to attach them to our crochet work.

After finishing our crochet work, we need to make a flap on each side to hold the buttons / fasteners (on the inside of the purse, between handles). For this, first we need to mark the centre of the bag, I used a stitch marker on both sides to mark the centre.  Then using a slitp stitch joined the yarn at the right place (as shown in the picture below). Plan your stitches (foundation row for flaps) as per the size of the magnetic button you are going to use.

Make row of hdc (half double crochet) till the desired length and continue the rows by turning your work at the end of each row.... do it till the flap reached the required height. (enough to hold the magnetic fasteners comfortably).

Now take one piece of the fastner/snap and insert it into the flap (positioning at the centre rightly). 

Now insert the washer from the backside, into the protuding prongs. It will now look like this after insertion (picture below)

back side, washer fitting

The pciture below, see how I bent the prongs to the other side to secure the magnetic button.

 Same way, we have to bend the other prong to the other side. So we have done with one piece of the magnetic button. (picture below)

Now close the flap to the side of the bag so that the washer goes to the back side of the flap. using a blunt eyed needle and matching yarn, sew the other end of the flap to the purse.:-

Repeat the same process of adding a flap to the other side of the purse (between handles - on the inside of the purse)

You will find a gap between the flap and purse. Leave it as it is, as it may come to use if you wish to change the magnetic buttons in future.:-

The final work will look like this :-

TADA! magnetic buttons are neatly fixed to our crochet bag!  Well done! you did it!

Happy Crocheting.

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