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May 14, 2019

Aviyal Kootan

The term Aviyal means Boiled. The process by which this is made. Some don't use curd. Instead they use Raw mango during the mango season. Some use tamarind as a souring agent. This dish comes handy when you only have little quantity of a mix of vegetables left. History of aviyal : Some say that it was first made by Bhima (one if the pandavas) in king Virata's palace where they spent a year in disguise during their last year of exile. Bhima was working as a cook and during a feast, unexpected guests arrived and there were no sufficient vegetables to cook any single recipe for a side dish, so Bheema used whatever available vegetables to make a new dish and that is called Aviyal. Glossary : Ashgourd | Vellai Poosani | Ilavan | Safed Bhopla Elephant Yam | Senai kizhangu | Chena | Suran Long beans | Karamani | Payaru | Chavli Drum stick | Murungai kai | Moringa | Shevgya

Aviyal recipe video :-

This recipe can be made in two different consistency. Thick one becomes a side dish whereas thin gravy consistency goes with plain rice like a curry. Some use it as an accompaniment to tiffin items Dosai and Adai. For thick aviyal, use water just enough to cook the vegetable and the beaten curd should be thick to get a thick consistency. This aviyal is served as one of the accompaniment during Sadhya (Fesast). Will make a video on that as well. During Mango season, use raw mangoes especially the thothapuri (Kilimuku) variety to make this. In that case, no need to add curd. In case if you want to, then use curd that us not sour.

April 25, 2019

Maa Vadu | Kanni Manga | Tender Mango Pickle

As the season of Mango comes, the first to hit the market is the Tender mangoes known in Tamil as Vadu Manga.

Pickling is the first activity that happens in the Mango season. Various types of pickles are made and it various as per the region. Pickling is an amazing technique passed to us by our ancestors to preserve a seasonal item and make it available in another form for the whole year.

Sharing with you an exotic pickle recipe using Tender Mangoes. 

Kadugu Manga | Kanni Manga (Malayalam)
Vadu Manga | Maa vadu (Tamizh)
Tender Mango Pickle (English).

The video recipe is below. Please click on it to view the video  :-

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