Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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October 24, 2011

A Blissful Experience of a Foodie

When I was chatting with one of my friend, I got a wonderful nostalgic moment of a blissful experience which I had. Thought of sharing with you.

More than a decade back, when I was working, I attended the "Art of Living" course for a week.  My home was very far from my work place and the course was conducted in a place for which I had to travel even further ahead from my office. So everyday after my work, I attended the course and then reached home by 10.30 or 11.00 pm.  When I started from my work place, my stomach had already started rumbling. The biscuits were peanuts compared to my hunger. So you can guess how hungry hungryI was by the time I reached home .cake

The batch was a very interesting one with people of different age groups. One day when the tutor was teaching us pranayama (breathing exercise). we were told to feel the breathe in our nostrils while inhaling and exhaling. The course was conducted in a place where lot of residential buildings were housed.  When I was inhaling to achieve my goal of sensing the air going through my nostrils, smiley I had a blissful experience of smelling the wonderful aroma of Dosai (Dosa) which floated in the air and reached my nose. (the air was doing a good job by getting the right aroma to the right nostrils!). Aroma therapy!!! Being hungry, it made me drool and I went gastrnomic. Lost into the dream world of wonderful food spread in front of me making me feel like the gadotkach with the background music of the famous tamizh song from an old film "Mayabazar" in which Gadotkach was shown having a wonderful feast spread in front of him and the lyrics goes thus "Kalyana samayal sadham".

Here is the song for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDBEDNyhbSc to enjoy seeing the wonderful spread. Though it is a black & white movie, you can still relish the feast shown. The lyrics goes like this :-

kalyaNa samayal saadham
kaai karigaLum pramaadham
andha kaurava prasaadam
idhuvae ennakku pOdhum

andhaara bajji angae
sunsaara sojji engae
sandhosham meeri ponga
idhuvae ennakku thinga

kalyaNa samayal saadham
kaai karigaLum pramaadham
andha kaurava prasaadam
idhuvae ennakku pOdhum

puLiyotharaiyin sOru
vegu poruthamaai sambaaru
puri kizhanghu paaru
idhuvae ennakku joru

kalyaNa samayal saadham
kaai karigaLum pramaadham
andha kaurava prasaadam
idhuvae ennakku pOdhum

joraana peNi laddu
suvayana seeni puttu
eraaLamaana thattu
ini ishtam pOla vettu

kalyaNa samayal saadham
kaai karigaLum pramaadham
andha kaurava prasaadam
idhuvae ennakku pOdhum

These thoughts were going in a flash in my mind and suddenly the voice of the tutor echoed in to my ears, "Are you able to feel your breathe?". My foodie mind directed my toungue like a lightening hitting before the thunder and immediately answered breaking the silence "Yes I can realise something more than that". The tutor asked "What is it?", I replied "The wonderful aroma of yummy crispy dosa" and opened my eyes only to become a disappointed gadotkach to see only few heads & the tutor in front of me.

The whole batch burst into laughter & broke the silence with the tutor joining in and I followed them after few seconds (as I was just getting into this realistic world from my foodie world) realising what I said. 

Everyone says you will get a bliss through yoga and ofcourse I had it but in my own foodie way for a day but it is a moment which acted as a stress buster not only to others but also to me and made the 'pranayama' session a memorable one.

October 15, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I am so thrilled and very happy to receive the "Versatile Blogger" award from Dr. Sonia SV of http://cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.com.

I became her fan after seeing her creative cards which she does  along with her little daughter. They are awesome! Amazing creativity! I always fall in short of words to compliment their works. The stocking flowers, Beautiful cards, shell art - all her crafts holds her special creatvie spell. Her tutorials are so lovely & crystal clear. She has designed her blog very well with scroll buttons & drop down boxes - very visitor friendly it is.

Dear Sonia, posting after a long time as i was not aware  of  the method  of giving the link back. Thank you so much. A big bear hug to you.

7 things about me :

  1. Nature Lover
  2. Like books authored by Ruskin Bond, Enid Blyton,Kenneth Anderson, Jim Corbett and Indian writers on topic of my interests.
  3. Daily meeting my friends in the Chat room
  4. A Foodie
  5. A loving daughter, wife and daughter-in-law
  6. Happy & content with what I have
  7. Praying for the friendship, company & guidance of the almighty always

With the help of my blogger friend, Nityakalyani of Nitya's Knit Quoin @ http://nityakalyani-kalmat.blogspot.com who always stands for help when approached, helped me to give link back and other procedures. She is a very good knitter and comes out with new creative things . She has recently received "Creative Blogger award" for her creative knitting. Thank you so much Nitya Bhen. Your blog is very lively. A big hug to you.Smiley

Happiness comes in sharing and giving. So here i am sharing my happiness by passing this lovely award to the versatile bloggers

  1.  Viji of Viji's Craft @ http://viji-crafts.blogspot.com. Her jewellery works, decorative crafts, Plastic canvas rangolis, embroidery works sparkles with the dedication & love with which she creates them.
  2. srimathibabu  of "Welcome to......Art Home" @ http://artandcraft-artahead.blogspot.com, another creative crafter dealing with different crafts. She does nice crochet works, fabric painting, Tanjore Paintings, Murals and decorative crafts.
  3. Divya of Rainbow Arts @ http://www.rainbow-arts.in  - the Quilling Queen. Like the name suggests her blog has variety of of craft works viz., quilling, Cold Porcelain works, Cookery, Paintings, Rangoli and other creative crafts like water fall which has a good finish and she presents them very well in her blog.
  4. Aruljothi Karikalan of CREATIVE HALL @ http://creativearul.blogspot.com - for her beautiful crochet works, Mehendi designs, Embroidery, Ceramic works & decorative crafts. 
  5. Kasthurirajam of Manika http://kasthuriscreations.blogspot.com - Her macrame, sewing, embroidery, glass painting, other decorative crafts are so nice and neat. The tutorials too.

Dear Viji, Srimathibabu, Divya, Aruljothi,

Congratulations! applause a big hug to you all friends

To accept the award, link back to the person who gave it to you and Share 7 things about  yourself. If you want to know how to do it, please e-mail me. smiley My best wishes to you all.

Dhwadasa Jyothirlinga Stothram / த்வாதச ஜ்யோதிர்லிங்க ஸ்தோத்ரம்

Image courtesy : Google search

சௌராஷ்ட்ரே சோமனாதம் ச
ஸ்ரீசைலே மல்லிக்கார்ஜுனம்
உஜ்ஜையின்யாம் மஹாகாளம் 
ஓம்காரம் அமரேஸ்வரம்
பரல்யாம் வைத்த்யநாதம ச
டாகின்யாம் பீம சங்கரம்
சேது பந்தே து ராமேசம்
நாகேசம் தாருகாவனே 
வாரனாஸ்யாம் து விஸ்வேஸ்வம்
த்ரயம்பகம் கௌதமீ தடே
கேதாரம் ஹிமவத் ப்ருஷ்டே
க்ருஷ்மேஸம்  ச சிவாலையே


Sourashtre somanaatham cha
Sreesaile Mallikaarjunam
Ujjainyaam mahaakalm
omkaaram Amareswaram
Paralyaam Vaidyanaatham cha
daakinyaam beemasankaram
Sethu bande thu raamesam
Naagesam thaarukaavane
vaaranaasyaam thu viswesam
thryambakam gauthami thate
kedharam himavath brushte
grushmesam cha shivaalaye

October 13, 2011

Shani Bhagwan slokams

Image coutesy : google search

நவக்ரஹ பகவானகளில் "ஈஸ்வரன்" (சனி + ஈஸ்வரன் = சனீஸ்வரன்) என அழைக்கபடுபவர் சனி பகவான். ஒவ்வொரு   மனிதனின் வாழ்க்கையிலும்  மூன்று முறை 7 1/2 ஆண்டுகள், சனிபகவான் ஒருவரது ராசியில் ஆட்சி செய்கிறார். வாழ்க்கையின் பாடத்தை நமக்கு புகட்டி நம்மை செப்பனிட்டு புடம்போட்டு  மெருகேற்றும்   நல்லாசான். தம்மை முழு நம்பிக்கையுடன் வழிபடுபவர்களுக்கு வாரி கொடுக்கும் கருணைக்கடல், சனீஸ்வரர்.   மற்ற தெய்வங்களைப் போலவே தனது பக்தர்களுக்கு அருள்பாலிப்பவர். சங்கடங்களை ஏற்படுத்தினாலும் இறுதியில் நல்லருள் பொழிவார்.

சனிக்கிழமைகளில் எள்ளோதரை (எள் சாதம்) செய்து நிவேதித்து ஏழைகளுக்கு கொடுக்கலாம். அவர்களது மனம் குளிர மங்களம் பெருகும். சனிக்கிழமைகளில் நவக்ரஹ சன்னதியில் எள்கிழியை திரியாக்கி நல்லெண்ணெய் ஊற்றி தீபம் ஏற்றுதல் உகந்தது.

வரும் சங்கடங்களுக்கு நமது கர்மபலனே காரணம். "நல்லது செய்யின் நல்லது நடக்கும்", "முற்பகல் செய்யின் பிற்பகல் விளையும்",  "தன வினை தன்னை சுடும்". ஆன்றோர் வாக்கு சத்திய வாக்கு. எனவே நல்லதே நினைப்போம், நல்லதே செய்வோம். சனீஸ்வர பகவானின் அருளை பெறுவோம்.

ஸ்லோகங்கள் :-

சூர்யபுத்ரோ தீர்க்கதேஹோ விசாலாக்ஷ ஸிவப்ரிய :
தீர்க்கசார : பிரசந்நாத்மா பீடாம் ஹரதுமே ஸனி :


சங்கடங் தீர்க்கும் சனி பகவானே
மங்களம் போங்க மனம் வைத்தருள்வாய்
சச்சரவின்றிச் சாகா நெறியில்
இச்சகம்  வாழ இன்னருள் தா தா


கோரிய உலகத் தின்கண் குலவிய உயிர்கட்கெல்லாம்
மீறிடச் சுகமளித்து மெய்த்தளர் பிணியை நீக்கிச்
சீறிய துன்பந் தீர்ந்து சிறக்கத்தீர்க் காயுள் நல்கும்
காரியின் கமல பாதக் கடிமலர் தலைக்கொள் வோமே


திருஞான சம்பந்தர் பாடிய பதிகம் (சனிபகவான் பிடியிலிருந்து விடுபட)

போகமார்த்த பூண்முலையாள்
தன்னோடும் பொன்னகலப்
பாகமார்த்த பைங்கன் - வெள்ளேற்று
அண்ணல் பரமேட்டி
ஆகமார்த்த தோலுடையான்
கோவண ஆடையின்மேல்
நாகமார்த்த நம்பெருமான்
மேயது நள்ளாறே!


ஸ்ரீ வியாசர் அருளியது

நீலாஞ்சன சமாபாசம் ராவிப் புத்ரம் யமாக்ரஜம்
சாயா மார்த்தாண்ட சம்பூதம் தம் நமாமி சனீஸ்வரம்

சனீஸ்வரர் காயத்ரி

சனைச்சராய வித்மஹே சாயா புத்ராய தீமஹி
தந்நோ மந்தப் ப்ரசோதயாத்

காகத்வஜாய  வித்மஹே கட்க ஹஸ்தாய தீமஹி
தந்நோ மந்தப் ப்ரசோதயாத்


சனீஸ்வரர் ஸ்லோகம்

நீலம்பரோ நீலவபு : கிரீடி
க்ருத்ரஸ்தித : தராஸக  ரோ தநுஷ்மான்
சதுர்புஜ : சூர்யசுப்ரஸாந்த :
ஸதாஸ்து மஹ்யம் வரத : பிரஸன்ன  :


Among the nine planets called Navagraha, only Shani Bhagwan (Saturn) has the suffix "Eshwar" in his name [Saneeshwar]. In evey man's life, he rules the rashi 3 time and each time for a period of 7 1/2 years. He gives trouble as well as pours his blessings.

The trouble comes to one as a result of the fruit of one's karma. So if we do good, our sufferings will be minimised or erased. Shani Bhagwan is only doing his duty like Yama Dharmaraja and he is so kind hearted that if we do good, he appreciates it and with our prayers, lessen the bad impacts in our life.  It is also said that "No one can stop shani bhagvan if he is giving his blessings to us"!

Shanibhagwan always blesses his devotees.  No need to fear him or worry about his arrival on a rashi as he is a kind hearted God. When he comes into a Rashi, we have to welcome him and take good care of him as if he has come to our home.

On saturdays, 'Ellodharai' can be prepared and offered to the God and then distributed to the poor. He likes those who help poor and needy. In the navagrah sannadhis in temples, Light lamp with sesame oil with sesame seeds wrapped in a clean white cloth as a wick.

Use sesame oil to light the lamp at home daily.

Pray to Lord Hanuman as it is said that Lord Hanuman once captured Shaneeshwar and made him give a boon that Shaneeshwar will not harm those who prays to hanuman.

Worshipping Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva is also very good.

Having oil bath by applying sesame oil on the head on Saturdays is also considered to be good.

Slokas :

sangadam theerkkum sani bagawaane
mangalam ponga manam vaitharulvaai
sacharavindri saagaa neriyil
ijjagam vaazha innarul thaa thaa

Sooryaputro dheergadeho visaalaaksha sivah priya :
dheerkaachaara prasannaathma peetam harathume sani :

This verse was sung by Thirungyana sambandhar

Pogamaartha poonmulayaal
thannodum ponnagalap
paagamaartha paingan - velleytru
annal parameti
aagamaartha tholudayaan
kovana aadayinmel
naagamaartha namperumaan
meyadhu nallaare!

Verse by vedavyas

neelaanjana samabhaasam raviputhram yamaagrajam
chhaayaa maarthaanda sambootham tham namaami saneeswaram

Shaneeshwar Gayathris

Sanaicharaya vidhmahe Chhaya putraya dheemahe
Thanno mandha Prachodayaath

kaaka dhwajaaya vidhmahe khadga hastaaya dheemahi
thanno mandha prachodayaath

October 12, 2011

Salutation to Universal Parents / ஆதி பகவனுக்கு வணக்கம்

வாகர்தாவிவ சம்ப்ருக்தௌ
வாகர்த்த பிரதிபத்தையே
ஜகத :  பிதரௌ வந்தே
பார்வதி பரமேஸ்வரௌ 

உலகத்தின் ஆதி தேவியும், ஆதி தேவனுமான ; வாக்கும் அதிலிருந்து பிரிக்கமுடியாத அதன் பொருளும் போல விளங்கும் பார்வதி பரமேஸ்வரனுக்கு எந்தன் முதல் வணக்கம்.


Vaagarthaaviva samprukthau
vaagartha prathipathaye
Jagataha pitharau vandhey
Paarvathi Parameswarau

Oh Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi - the universal parents, who are inseparable like a word & its meaning, my first salutations to you

October 11, 2011

Sloka to be recited before going to sleep

தூங்கும் முன் சொல்லவேண்டிய சுலோகம்

கர சரண கிருதம் வா
காயஜம் கர்மஜம் வா
ஷ்ரவண நயனஜம் வா
மானசம் வா (அ)பராதம்
விஹிதம விஹிதம் வா
சர்வமே தத் க்ஷமஸ்வா
ஜெய ஜெய கருணாப்தே
ஸ்ரீ மஹாதேவ ஷம்போ

கருனைக்கடலாய், இவ்வுலகத்தைக் காக்கும் மகாதேவா! நான் இன்று  என் வாக்கால், என் செய்கையால், என் மனதால், என் கண்களால், என் காதுகளால், என் கைகளால், என் கால்களால், அறிந்தோ அறியாமலோ செய்த தவறுகளை மன்னித்தருள வேண்டும்.


kara charana kritam vaa
kaayajam karmajam vaa
shravana nayanajam vaa
maanasam vaa paraadham
vihitama vihitam vaa
sarvame tat kshamasvaa
jaya jaya karunaabdhe
shri mahadeva shambo

This sloka is recited praying to Lord Mahadeva to pardon all our mistakes which we have done that day, knowingly or unknowingly, by our thoughts, actions, ears, hands, legs, eyes and bless us.

October 9, 2011

Hayagreeva stotram / ஹயக்ரீவர் ஸ்தோத்ரம் (மாணவர்கள் நல்லறிவு பெற)

This sloka helps one to acquire good knowledge.

Gnyaanaanandamayam devam nirmalaspatikaakruthim
aadhaaram sarvavidhyaanaam hayagreeva mupaasmahey

நல்லறிவு வளம் பெற :

ஞானாநந்தமயம் தேவம் நிர்மலஸ்படிகாக்ருதிம்
ஆதாரம் சர்வவித்யானாம் ஹயக்ரீவ முபாஸ்மஹே

October 8, 2011

Paruppu Vadai / பருப்பு வடை / Dhal Vadai

This dhal vadai makes an excellent filling snack along with a hot cup of Coffee or Tea.

This version is a no onion, no garlic, (sathvic) vadai which is also made for poojas and special days.

I add Toor dhal as it enhances the taste compared to normal channa dhal vadais. Also this makes the vadai crispy. To get more crispier vadais, please scroll down to the recipe.

Ingridients :

  1. Channa Dhal - 1/2 tea cup
  2. Toor Dhal  - 1/2 tea cup
  3. Butter - 2 tbsp (optional)
  4. Hing  powder - 1/2 tsp
  5. Dried Red Chillies - 6 nos
  6. salt to taste
  7. Curry leaves - 1 sprig
  8. Coriander Leaves - 2 tbsp (optional)
  9. Oil for deep frying

Procedure :

  • Soak dhals for 2 hours along with red chilli.
Tips to make Crispy Vadais :-
  1. use Toor dal
  2. Grind without adding water. less the water, crispier the vadais.
  3. Fry in hot oil in medium to low flame.
  • In a mixer add the soaked dhals & redichilli, hing powder and grind coarsely without adding water. 
  • Transfer to a bowl. Add chopped curry leaves, coriander leaves, butter and mix well.
  • Make small ball and slightly flatten them using thumb 
  • Deep fry them in oil till they turn crisp and in golden colour.

  • Place them on a paper to absorb excess oil

  • Yummy, crispy Paruppu vadai / Dal vada is ready!

October 6, 2011

New Padi kolam

This padi kolam design i drew today for Vijaya Dasami.

Saraswathi Pooja & Vijayadasami

The last 3 days of Navratri (Festival of nine nights) is dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi, the giver of knowledge.

Sri Saraswathi

On 9th day books, writing instruments, craft instruments are placed on a spread towel or wooden platform and covered by another clean cloth.On top of which flowers are offered to the goddess followed by chanting of mantras and neivedhyams like appam, vadai and paayasam (kheer). That day no one reads books or writes or do any craft works. It is a day's rest for those activities.

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Next day, (10th day) is called vijayadasami, the day which is considered auspicious - a shubharambh - a good beginning for studies, buisness and craft works. On that day, pooja is conducted, neivedhyams offered to the goddess and then camphor aarti is taken followed by uncovering the books kept for poojas. The books are then given to read to start the auspicious beginning.

Paruppu Vadai / Dhal vadai

Maha Neivedhyam

Paal Paayasam / Kheer

People also do pooja for their vehicles (aayudha pooja) by cleaning it, smearing chandan kumkum all around, hanging garland in the front , decorating it with festoons and do the pooja.

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The navratri celebrations comes to an end on the 10th day with this auspicious beginning.

"Jai mata di"

October 5, 2011

Tamboolam - Cold Porcelain

Inviting you all for Haldi kumkum / Tamboolam at my place.

I tried my hands on cold porcelain work, prepared the clay at home and tried this simple & easy "Tamboolam" - a Shubharambh this navratri season.

Betel leaf, betel nuts, turmeric, banana, jasmine flower garland, haldi, kumkum and a gift pouch

"Jai mata di "

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October 2, 2011

Momo / DIM SUM / Dumpling

Momo is a healthy snack and a distant relative of our traditional dumplings. Vegetables are packed inside a dough base and then steamed.  It is mostly commonly available in Nepal and in northeastern India. These dumplings are cooked in different methods viz., steamed, Deep fried and Pan fried.

They make a filling meal. They can be added in soups when it is boiling, as a separate dish along with a spicy garlic based red colored chutney as an accompaniment with it.  This red chutney makes it even more interesting and delicious.........

The place where we were living earlier in Navi Mumbai, we had couple of momo carts set up by people from northeastern India.  We enjoyed momos a lot and more specially during the rains and in winter. The fresh & hot hot momos taken out of the steamer are transferred to a paper plate with a dash of chutney on the side and is handedover to us... oh! this dish has become so dear to my heart that I even dreamt of it once .... :p I shared the same in a post and if you wish to read it, here it is!

Here are few photos of the steaming box i use inside my steamer ... it is made of bamboo and is very good.


I am giving you the vegetarian version of the momo. Generally finely shredded cabbage is used. You can use boiled potatoes / peas or even shredded panneer sauted with some spcies as stuffing.

Ingridients : (makes around 11 nos)

  1. Maida - 1/2 tea cup
  2. Salt to taste 
  3. Water to knead the dough
For stuffing :-
  1. Green chillies - 2 Nos. (optional)
  2. Cabbage - 250g (finely shredded)
  3. Carrot (grated) - 1 No.
  4. Coriander leaves - finely chopped - 1 tbsp (optional)
  5.  Olive Oil - 2 tbsp
  6. Salt to taste
Procedure :-
  • Knead maida by adding water, salt, into a stiff dough like you do for making puris. Knead it well so that it will become very soft. Leave the dough for 30 minutes to set.
  • .For shredded the vegetables, you can use your food processor. I always prefer a knife. I forogot to take picture, which i will share with you when i make them next time. 
  • In a mixing bowl add the finely shredded cabbage,grated carrot, green chillies, coriander and salt. Mix well.
  •  Divide the dough into balls of equal sizes (like you do for poori)
  • Dust the board and using rolling pin make a big thin chapathi (or make small balls and roll them individually) and using a round cutter (I use a small katori) cut rounds of equal size.
  • Place the grated vegetable stuffing inside each rounds, gently bring the sides together in layers by pinching together.  Gather the ends together, press lightly and slightly twist them to get the spiral folds.

You may check this youtube video link which gives you various ways of shaping momos.  https://youtu.be/Zh5_DuuxHC0

  • Steam them for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Hot hot momos are ready!
If you are making this in a large batch, you can store them in a microwave safe box and before microwaving, just sprinkle little water and then microwave high for 1.5 minute and serve hot with the chutney.

For the Red Dip :

The traditional chutney is make by soaking few dry red chillies (as per your preferred quantity) & few garlic pods in vinegar for a minimum of 4 hours.Then ground to a smooth paste adding water little by little checking the consistency. Add salt to taste.

I am sharing with you the chutney that I tasted as find it even more delicious!

  1. Garlic pods - 2 nos
  2. Schezwan sauce - 2 tbsp
  3. Water
  4. Cornflour - 1 tbsp
  5. Cooking / Olive oil - 1 tsp
  6. Spring onion greens (optional) - you get chienese seasoning in the market now-a-days. substitute that.

Finely chop garlic pods. Heat a tsp of oil & fry garlic till they turn golden in color. Then add the sauces, water and little cornflour dissolved in water to get the chutney consistency. Boil till it gets a gloss on the surface. Add spring onion green or the chinese seasoning. Yummy spicy chutney is ready!

Your healthy snack is ready to eat .

Momos tastes best when served piping hot ...

October 1, 2011

Idli / இட்லி / इडली

Idli the all time favourite , healthy and now a quitessential dish for breakfast in most of the southindian homes. 

It became an integral part of breakfast only in recent times. I have heard from elders that it was made only during festival days and not a regular affair. Since the joint family system was prevalent, grinding huge amount of batter is not an easy task. During festival days, the work load will be even more hence idli makes the breakfast making easy that day. Mostly served with Molagaipodi (idli chutney powder) mixed with oil (mostly nallenna / sesame oil or Chuttenna [any leftover oil that is used for deep frying] ). Chuttena tastes good and makes the idli molagaipodi, more yummier.

It is made by soaking and grinding rice & urad, fermented and then steamed.

A good combo of lentil and carbs for a healthy breakfast.

Giving the tips for soft idli making at the end of the post. Don't forget to read it.

The art of making soft Idli comes with practice. The best rice that goes into making of soft idlis is the parboiled variety which is otherwise known as 'Idli Rice'. The urad should be of good quality, which you can identify from its appearance and when ground the batter should be fluffy. 

Wet grinder helps you get soft & economy idli as you need to use only 1 portion of urad for five portions of rice. In a mixer the combination is 3(rice) : 1(urad). Adding few methi seeds will not change the colour but gives a nice light aroma to the steamed idlis and also makes them soft. The batter for idli should be of little more than dropping consistency. The same batter can be used for making Dosais (dosas) by diluting it with little water which will be thick but of pouring consistency.
Some soak 2 tbsp of sabudana (Sago/Javvarisi) too along with rice and grind the batter to make soft Idlies but it will be tasty like the normal Idli.

Let us get into Idli Making :-

Ingridients :

  1. Parboiled Rice         - 5 Cups
  2. White Urad / Bengal Gram (deskinned) (whole) -  1 Cup
  3. Methi Seeds / Fenugreek           - 1 1/2 tsp
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Water to grind
Procedure :-

  • Wash rice + methi seeds and soak in water for 6 hours
  • Wash urad and soak for 1 hour (urad need not be soaked for long hours)
  • First in a wet grinder, put the Urad and grind it for 20 to 30 minutes by adding water little by little till it becomes nice & fluffy.
  • Transfer the batter to a vessel
  • Now Add Rice + methi seeds and grind it to paste by adding water little by little when required
  • when rice is ground, add the already grond Urad & required salt & grind them together for 10 minutes (no need to add water now)
  • Transfer it to a bigger vessel and let it ferment for 6 hours or till the batter raise well
  • To make idli, to the fermented batter, add required water (slightly more than dropping consistency) and mix well.

Idli Mould

  • Heat the steamer by pouring water inside it for steaming.
  • Pour a drop of oil in each mould and grease them while wet to prevent sticking.
  • Pour batter into idli moulds & steam for 7 to 10 minutes.

  • To check whether the idli is done, insert a knife and it should come out clean.
Steamed Idli  :

  • Enjoy your soft idlis with the side dish of your choice.

    Side dish suggestion :-

    Tastes best with Onion Sambar, Coconut or Onion Chutney or Chutney Powder which is also know as 'gun powder' or 'Idli Milagaai Podi' 

    TIPS for those using mixer grinder :-

    If you are using mixer grinder then for 3 : 1 ratio add a tsp of fenugreek, grind to nice paste as usual and mix both matter and put then again in your mixer jar, whip them for some time till the batter forms bubbles & of creamy texture.

    Soft Idli tips :-

    1. Add 2 tbsp of rice flakes (Avil / poha) to rice while soaking to get soft idlies.
    2. You can also add a tbsp of sago (sabudhana / javvarisi) instead of poha / rice flakes,  to get softer idlies. The famous kushboo idli uses more portion of this sago (Sabudana / Javvarisi) to get that spongy idli.


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