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March 8, 2013

Marriage? a quick guide to the Bride

To the Bride


  • Like any other woman in the world you will also be entering your new life with lot of dreams. Dreaming is not bad but at the same time realize that there is a practical life and learn to adjust yourself fit into your new life.
  • God has made woman a multitasker, a human being who can show unconditional love with lots of emotions. Use them wisely. Because these qualities are gift which makes her mould & fit into any environment which is also known as ‘adjustment’.
  • Possessiveness comes with every newly wed woman as she consider her husband the more closest person because of intimacy in the relationship. But never let that take over you otherwise only fights will result.
  • Understand that your husband is also a son to this parents, a brother to his siblings hence help him play his role properly and equally.
  • If you are living as a nuclear family and your in-laws come to stay with you as a newly wed you may feel your are not getting much privacy but the distance that is created that time only increase the bond between you. They will stay for sometime and leave. After that you will realise how closer it brings you & your hubby together.
  • Never complain on financial matters as no man will like it to hear from his wife especially those related to his parents. You are new in the environment. Till you know your new family completely, you cannot complain. Also remember he shares an equal responsibility with his parents like how he does for you. As far as he is supporting you unconditionally & comfortably and not deprive you of anything you should never bother yourself with such matters.
  • Unless there is a terrible need for you to disclose things to your parents, never tell them anything as most of the fights are petty and you may bring a bad impression about your family members in their mind. Your parents will never like to see you suffer and this will only make them feel hurt and become more defensive towards you. Thus they may even go against your husband thus ruin your life though they actually don’t mean that.
  • Learn to ignore petty things done or spoken by your husband or your in-laws. If you take everything to your heart, it will only hurt you and ruin your health and life and not the people responsible for that. Stay unaffected. This will come only by practice. Not an easy task but you will master it soon.
  • Start assisting your MIL in her kitchen work instead of taking over it. Every woman feels very possessive about her kitchen too. So when you tell her to take rest, it is a difficult task for any MIL as she as a woman has kept herself busy all through her life in that place. To sit idle after a busy life is very very difficult. So let her be active.
  • You may be knowing lot of things, but in some matters you ask her advise which will only make her happy.
  • Compliment your MIL. Find out her interest and gift her small things accordingly. If she is a hobby enthusiast, get her some hobby materials of her interest. Encourage her. This will bring you both close with a lovely bond.
  • Compliment your spouse wherever required. This is very much required in life. Like how you expect to be noticed and complimented the same will also boost the spirits of your spouse.
  • Last but not the least, when your husband comes back from office, be ready to receive him with a smile and fresh face. Dress up nicely. Do give some attention to yourself amidst your chores. How you carry your person also matters both inwards and outwards. If he don’t smile back or don’t notice your smile, don’t get dejected. He might have faced a tough day at office. So be an understanding spouse and cheer him up.
  • Any issues creep up, keep your cool, think and act diplomatically.marry me

Understand your responsibility and be a wise woman.

Wish you a very happy life


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