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February 10, 2011

Happy Valentine's day from Love Bugs

I saw some love bugs in the net but pattern was not available. Hence tried to make my own and here are these two cute love bugs, hearts and romantic roses, came to wish you all a Happy valentine's day.

Mira's Space: Welcoming Lakshmi or Frightening her?

Mira's Space: Welcoming Lakshmi or Frightening her?: "It’s a general belief of every Indian Hindu home that keeping the entrance as well as the house, clean an..."

Welcoming Lakshmi or Frightening her?

It’s a general belief of every Indian Hindu home that keeping the entrance as well as the house, clean and decorated will invite Goddess Lakshmi. Such a well maintained entrance not only invite the goddess but also many hearts who finds beauty in it. But you might me wondering what made me to write on this today. Its ofcourse a necessity, I thought that I should write it here.

When talking about entrance, for apartment dewellers of today’s high rises, it’s a common area shared with the neighbours. In some homes, a chapal stand near doorstep gives a stinking welcome to all the passers-by and neighbours.  I happened to meet one resident of our building who invited me to her house. I kindly accepted that request and postponed it for a fine day.  That fine day came and I called her and went to her house, & got a shocking welcome at the doorsteps with stinking shoes/socks and chappals scattered in an unorderly manner. Most of them are lying down leaving no work for the so-kept shoe stand.  She took atleast 3 minutes to open the door by making me ring the bell again for her. 3 minutes may sound small but that terrible moment I was undergoing really made me puke.

Atlast the door opened and saw that lady dressed beautifully with a huge smile inviting me inside. I hurriedly took my step inside hoping to get relief from stink entrance.  Her interiors ofcourse was good. Well done decorations, planned arrangements with lot of fengsui & vastu elements taking position in  the beautifully decorated living room.  At the doorstep too she had kept the “Lakshmi Padh” with some flowers offered. A crystal ball hanging in the Jhoola in the living room which she believed will ward away the evil eyes. But really will the goddess like & accept that kind of welcome. Though interior was good, when the entrance is not good, where comes the question of Goddess Lakshmi entering the house? I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but a general thing which struck my little mind.Ofcourse, co=opeartion of family members plays a vital role in maintenance.

 I have only given you the picture of just a family and let your imaginations run down when they have loads of guests coming in every now and then.  I really pity the neighbours who has to cross those hurdles and victoriously emerge and manage to reach the elevator.  What kind of vastu they are following for goodluck, only god knows. At the same time, I feel very happy that luck is in my favour that I don’t have such neighbours.

Another common sight is the dustbins. Evening, we can see some agarbathi spreading some fragrance in the air thus giving some relief but for the working couples, they have no other option but to leave it out till they return, but can’t they maintain it well. AFterall all the wastes that goes into it is from our own home. There are garbage covers available at all areas. All it need is a few seconds of effort & attention everyday, to place them properly inside the dustbins. Those  beautiful home-makers, why are not they generous enough to spare the eyes & nose of passers-by and neighbours. Whole day it stays outside with its untidy look & stink.

In individual houses, I have seen some comic scenes in the morning hours in my native place where some ladies hurriedly pushes the kachada to the neighbour’s side. The neighbour in their turn again push it to the this side is a different story. Whatever it is the kachda gets piled up waiting for the municipal sweeper, who just brushes it and leaves lot of trace back in place.

When these people can’t bear it inside or near their home, how can they expect others to tolerate it for them? They don’t change and is infact passing it on to their younger generation. So many notices served but still they don’t bother.  It may serve the purpose if it is good enough to shoo away a recovery agent from the bank.  Is there any fengsui or vastu accessory or any baba available to change this attitude of people? Because God can never come near their entrance!!!

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