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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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January 27, 2012

Cart - popsicle / ice stick / craft stick craft

Presenting another fun project bloomed in my mind using popsicle / ice stick / craft stick. This is going to be a nice decorative piece in your living room. I enjoyed this project, hope you will too. It took one day to set the cart. The second day to set the wheels.

Popsicle Cart - Mira's Creation :-)

I used the following materials

  1. Popsicle Sticks
  2. Craft Glue
  3. Clay - to give a flat base for the wheels to stand
  4. Pencil - axle for the weels
  5. Carboard - to make wheels

Now as given in the picture below, arrange the sticks one after another till the end to make the base of the cart.

Base of the Cart

Now make the side portions of the cart by arranging the ice sticks as given in the following picture

side portion of the cart
Now stick the side parts to the base of the cart. Here for initial support you can use cello tape. keep support and adjust the angle of the sides to give a wide opening on top. Attach the V shaped stick to the front. leave it to dry undisturbed for that day.

Now the cart is ready!!

Now let us make the wheel :-

Roll out a clay into a long cylinderical piece, flatten it.

Draw two 3" circles using a compass on a cardboard and cut them. Make a whole by piercing it with a pencil. Place them on top of the flattened clay. Apply glue in the middle part of the clay through out and roll the cardboard piece.

Now take a pencil, measure the cart base and accordingly cut the pencil to form the axle connecting the two wheels. Cover the protruding end using little clay. Cut a popsicle stick & glue it in such a way that it covers the pencil and forms a flat space to support the cart.

I took a long route in making the wheels as I wanted to give it a different touch. Thermocol cut into round shape can also be used for wheels which makes your project easy.

Wheel is ready to hold the cart. Now place the cart on top of the axle. Popsicle Cart is ready!

Wish you all a great time making & taking a wonderful ride in this lovely cart :-D like how my ami friends Elli & Larry did.

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