Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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December 24, 2017

Pigeon Gyan

While crossing the road in the morning, saw a pigeon which came under the wheels of a vehicle n breathed it's last. As usual I said Om Shanthi and moved ahead in thoughts.....

The provision shop keepers throw grains on the platform n few grains do end up in the road. The pigeons ignore the humans, vehicles n the predators passing by. They are fully engrossed in eating to their tummy full. They don't move n least bothered about what will happen to them. They just live the present.

Morning being less traffic hours, the vehicles speed through the empty roads... The person driving the vehicle may ignore the pigoens feeding on the road or he might have got fed up of this daily sight and show the anger by running over them or it must be too late to apply a break for him or just an anticipation that they will fly as the vehicle approach them. Whatever it is, the loss is to the pigeons.

The pigeons are so greedy that their greed prevent their mind from alerting them to fly away.

The crow which was feeding on the dead pigeon was clever as it was flying away as and when a vehicle approached and it also was careful about the humans passing by and it's Predators as well.


The greed clouds up the mind ; thus a person becomes blind to look at good things and thus leading to self destruction.

Living the present is good. But one shouldn't so engrossed in the present to fail to see what's coming in future.

The pigeon couldn't take even the single grain that it had gobbled. It left them along with it's body.

Greed only leads to destruction.

There are people who has the character of a pigeon as well as the crow.

Life moves on in this planet irrespective of these facts....few learns n few ignores ... we can make a difference by being a good learner n practice it ; thanking god for this wonderful lesson!

May this Sunday be a peaceful and happy one to you all.

Om Shanthi!

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