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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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July 31, 2013

Poha Chat - Healthy evening treat

After I put a lagan on my drooling & craving (Believe me. it is a very hard test for an ardent Foodie evil angle smiley - though temporary he.he....big smile2 smiley.) choosing a healthy evening snack always ended on fruits. As it was raining I preferred to say  inside cozily - result my fruit basket stayed empty for the day.  I went into the kitchen searching and searching.... thinking and thinking survey... finally hit upon a mouth watering idea which seemed to be a feast for eyes too bliss smileyHurray! I am happy! got an idea for a quick evening treat that will make me stay cool till dinner time.

A healthy & tasty chat recipe :- Serves : 1

  1. Red Flattened Rice - 1/4 tea cup (red poha / red avil)
  2. Beaten curd - 3 tbsp
  3. Grated carrot - 1 tbsp
  4. Grated cucumber - 1 tbsp
  5. Finely chopped Onion - 1.5 tbsp.
  6. Finely chopped coriander leaves - 1 tbsp
  7. Finely chopped Green Chilli - 1/4 tsp
  8. Roasted cumin seed powder - 1 pinch
  9. Black salt to taste
  10. Red Chilli Powder - 1 pinch
  11. Chat masala - 1 pinch
  12. Tamarind chutney - as preferred 
  13. Sev - 1 tbsp  (optional)

wow! isn't it a colourful

Procedure :-

  • In a sieve put the flattened rice, wash it under running water and keep it aside to drain. This is sufficient for the poha to become soft. No need to soak in water separately. By the time you chop & prepare other things, the poha will be ready.
  • Take a serving bowl
  • Spread the soaked poha first
  • Over it put a layer of beaten curd
  • Sprinkle the grated carrot, cucumber, coriander leaves, finely chopped onion, coriander leaves, green chillies
  • Sprinkle black salt, roasted cumin powder, chat masala powder, red chilli powder, Sev
  • Put a dollop of tamarind chutney over it
  • Serve as it is. While eating, it can be mixed.

This vibrant chat is a feast to eyes and a treat to taste buds. A soothing snack to satisfy the soul.

 Variation suggestions for different days :-

  1. Add fried ground nut one day instead of sev
  2. Add fried ladies finger 
  3. Add fruits like black grapes, pomegranate pearls
  4. Add crushed puri pieces or crispy dry roasted leftover chapathis
  5. tap your creative mind and sprinkle your creative ingredients into it eyebrows

 Have a wonderful day rainbow

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