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April 26, 2013

Ginger Honey Lemon tea

Natural Tea are rich in anti-oxidant. A cup of tea after a meal aids in digestion, dissolves cholestrol, help in weightloss along with exercise & controlled diet.  
Tea when brewed at right temperature, without milk & sugar, infuse good health. They taste best when they are just hot enough to sip unlike the regular milk teas.

Opt for tea leaves instead of tea bags as they make your tea taste best.

These teas help you relax, boost your health.

These tea leaves can be reused twice or thrice though the concentration may become lighter.


Ginger Honey Lemon Tea (servings : 2 nos)

You will need :-

  1. Ginger - 1" piece
  2. Lemon - half a lemon
  3. Honey - 2 tsp
  4. Water - 2 cups
 Procedure :-

  • wash, peel the ginger.
  • CAUTION :- Ginger should never be used with peel. You have to remove the outerskin as the skin has the property of nullifying all the good qualities of a ginger. For any use, never forget to peel a ginger.
  •  Grate the ginger and put it into a tea pot or a vessel or a thermoflask
  •  Boil 2 cups water. Switch off and leave it for two minutes for the temperature to come down. Pour this water into the pot / vessel / flask and cover it with lid and allow it to steep for 4 minutes.
  • Now in the serving glass squeeze in few drops of lemon juice
  • Add 1tsp honey in each serving glass
  •  Using a sieve filter the steeped tea into the glass. mix well.
  • Enjoy your cup of healthy tea!


  • This soothing combination aids in weightloss, boost immune system. Best during cold & flu.
  • The antioxidant vitamin C from lemon prevent formation of free radicals. Good to fight cold.
  • Ginger is used in therapies to control nausea, vomitting. It also helps in sweating thus assists detoxification process in the body
  • Honey a natural cough suppressant, boosts immunity and a natural sweetner which makes your tea more interesting.


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