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Mar 17, 2011

Our Nashik Shiridi Trip (Part - II)

Our Nasik-Shirdi Trip – Part-II

The road to Nasik is not much enjoyable like the one we took to Trimabakeshwar as lot of settlement and developments have happened in that stretch. We made a short halt at panchvati by 3.00 pm. If you are born there, the place will bring you wonderful nostalgic moments, as so many old buildings with wooden work, dated back to centuries lined up amidst the tar coated narrow hilly roads. We visited kalaram mandir and on the way back to had a brief halt at a chai shop near kala ram mandir. It was a old house converted into a chai shop with all its charm inside. The place was cozy as it had lot of olden day’s woodden pillar and structures and a warm ginger tea welcomed us. The shop was run by a young couple with two benches and tables. It was so soothing to our heart and to our throad. Missed to take a picture of that place. We then started our journey towards, Shirdi – temple of Sai baba.

When we reached shirdi, its already 9 pm and was finding it difficult to get an accommodation as our trip was an unplanned one. After many tries in various hotels, With Baba’s blessings, finally we got a double bed room and all four of us made ourselves comfortable by ordering additional bed which we laid on floor and spent the night there. Food was not so good, but it satisfied our hunger after the tiring journey and the hunt for rest house. Morning got up early and went to the temple, had the Darshan of the Shiridi baba and came out with a satisfied look on our face because we didn’t stand in the long queue as my inlaws were old, the security personnel allowed us to accompany each and take the special senior citizen queue through which we reached the baba’s abode quickly.

Then we started to Shani Shignapur. Whomever vists shirdi, never goes without paying a visit to Shani bhagwan here.  In the village of Shani shignapur, no house has a door. Its their belief that if anyone steals will meet a very bad end. So no fear of robberies or theft in that village is what a localite told us. How nice it would be if our country has its every town like this.

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