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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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Jan 7, 2012

Thiruvaadirai Festival

Thiruvaadirai (Tamizh) or Thiruvaadira (malayalam) festival is celebrated in the Tamizh Month of Maargazhi (Dhanur month of Malayalam calendar) on a full moon day when the 'Thiruvadirai' nakshatram falls. This festival is celebrated with prayers to Lord Shiva in the form of Nataraja (The divine cosmic dance posture of Lord Shiva).

In all shiva shrines in Tamizh Nadu special poojas are conducted very early in the morning and the murti of Lord Nataraja decorated beautifully and is taken in procession (Aarudra Darisanam) inside the temple.

Thumba (white colour) flower is very auspicious on this day to Lord Shiva. This flower is also used in Indian Medicines. Very good if taken along with honey. I remember collecting the thumba flower early foggy morning  of Marghazi Month during my teen days to offer to Lord Shiva on thiruvadira day. It will be a nice sight to see these white flowers in a foggy morning.

In Kerala it is celebrated on the full moon day (thiruvadira star) in dhanur masam (month). Kanji (porridge) using Koovai (arrowroot) powder is made & offered to Lord Shiva. Ladies dress in the traditional kasavu or mundu, a lamp is lit (nilavilakku), ladies forms a circle around it and play the 'kai kottu kali'-a beautiful dance moving clockwise and anticlockwise directions uniformly in the circle moving their hands with grace. The  dance, music, chenda etc on the background is a feast to eyes and ears.

A kai koti kali song

and a video showing the graceful  kai kotti kali. thiruvadira dance


It is a ladies festival in Kerala, they get up early in the morning have bath. On thiruvaadira day, they avoid eating rice, hence koova kanji & fruits are taken. It is a fasting (nonbu / vratham).

In Tamizh Nadu, the traditional offerings to god are Kali (sweet) & Kootu (spicy & salty mixed vegetable curry). The making of kali & kootu differs in every household and so are the tastes, the best in their own way.

For Kali & Kootu Recipes click here 

May Lord Shiva - the destroyer of evil, bless you all with good health & peaceful life.

Om Namashivaya

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