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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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Mar 31, 2012

When I hear the word Green - Part II


Green leafy vegetables are good source of minerals & vitamins. There are so many varities available and each has unique taste & flavour. 

Tamizh Nadu (southern state of India) is famous for the variety of leafy vegetables / spinach. The vendor used to bring nearly 15 varieties of them daily in her basket.  She calls their names so clearly without missing them...I wonder how they do that so efficiently !  I love leafy vegetable very much. 

Let me see how good I am remembering their name though I lost touch with the land of keerais for many years. For those who don't know tamizh, any leafy vegetable comes with a surname 'keerai' meaning 'greens'.
  1. Arai keerai
  2. Molai Keerai
  3. Siru Keerai
  4. Paruppu Keerai
  5. Vendhiya keerai  (Methi)
  6. Murungai Keerai
  7. Agathi Keerai
  8. Ponnanganni keerai
  9. Podi ponnanganni keerai
  10. Manathakkali keerai
  11. Pulippu keerai
  12. Aaraa keerai
  13. vallarai keerai
  14. Thoodhuvalai keerai
  15. Modaikathaan keerai
  16. pasalai keerai
  17. Paalak keerai
  18. Karisalangkannii keerai
  19. ceylon keerai (muyal kaadhelai)
  20. sevappu keerai (amranth)
  21. Thandu keerai
I loved the manithakkali, siru keerai and mola keerai very much.

When we went to an exibhition during my early school days, in a big screen they were showing some commercials and documentaries. One such documentary was about the spinach. To make people understand the importance of the greens the created a drama featuring a family ...I don't remember the story now exactly but only recollect a small girl who got her vision back saying "pachai keeraiyaal palichidum paarvai"/ பச்சைக் கீரையால் பளிச்சிடும் பார்வை (meaning : the greens improves the vision)

Apart from the above, there are certain leaves which grows in the kitchen that are used as a keerai like raddish leaves, carrot leaves, Beetroot leaves, the tender leaves of Ashgroud creeper, Pomegranate plant etc

During my childhood days, my mother used to tell lot of stories during dinner or at bed time. One such nayanar story impressed me a lot and I loved the way they treated their guests though they themselves were poor to earn even their single meal in a day.Yes, He is "Ilayankudi Mara Nayanar".

 Image courtesy : google search

"Ilayankudi mara nayanar was a wealthy man who donated his wealth by feeding the shiva devotess and the poor. He never said no to anyone. The god wanted Mara Nayanar's glory to shine in the world hence he slowly god shrunked his wealth. But Mara Nayanar borrowed & continued his service.

One night Lord Shiva in the disguise of a shiva devotee knocked at his door. It was raining very heavily with lightening & thunder. It was pitch dark outside. Nayanar opened the door, was felt so happy that he was given a chance to serve a shiva devotee. He called the devotee inside, gave him his only spare cloth to him to change his wet ones. Then the devotee said he was very hungry. So nayanar told his wife to prepare food for him. Unfortunately there was not a single rice grain or vegetable available at home that time because he had sowed the seeds in his filed only in the morning. For a farmer the grain seeds are so important that they will never use it for any other purpose other than sowing it for the next crop season. But our Mara Nayanar in that heavy thunderstorm rain & dark night started towards his field with a basket to rbing the rice grain home to feed the shiva devotee.

As it was raining heavily and dark outside, the field was filled with water upto knee deep. There were wells situated on the way to irrigate the fields. Those wells never had any covering or walls to prevent anyone falling into it. But with shiva's grace he was guided through the right path by the flash of lightening. Nayanar managed to collect the grains with the help of his towel and put them in the basket & set towards home.

In the meantime, Mara Nayanar's wife went to her kitchen garden & plucked the spinach leaves the plant of which were just emerged from the ground , washed, cleaned & started cooking it.

Nayanar gave the wet grains to his wife who removed the skin & cooked it. Both of them served a simple yet very very delicious food to the shiva devotee who came to their house in the odd hours of the night. Lord shiva was so pleased that he came out of his disguise, belssed nayanar and his wife with a wealth that equalled kubera."

The story had left such an impact on me that I love  enjoy a simple life and simple food. My mother too grew pomegranate plant, papaya, lemon tree, manithakkali keerai, ceylon keerai, bittergourd creeper and other plants in the little soil that was available near the kitchen. 

Those freshly plucked bittergourds tasted yummy than the store brought one. I am the one who jumped like a monkey to the sunshade and to the nearby areas where my foot hold, to harvest the produce for my mother whether it was a bitter gourd or the papaya on the tree. 

The leaves she plucked from the spinach plants were just a handful, which she cooked a simple dry dish for me and I enjoyed it so much because the fresh ones cooked with my mother's love tasted yummiest than any other dish in the world. I enjoyed it by mixing with white rice and enjoyed my food. that time, we both remembered only the mara nayanar life history and I pester my mother to narrate the story again and again.............

Mar 27, 2012

When I hear the word Green - Part I

I first recognised the colour in my childhood days when my mother introduced me into the world of nature by describing things around us & developed the habit of admiring Nature and enjoy the changing ambiance around. Thus I grew up becoming a nature lover.

During my childhood days, whenever I was given an injection, she always told me to look into something green in colour which will lessen my pain. Whether it did or not, I had the habit of watching green things inside the clinic while getting injected and luckily those days, many doctors had a green curtain in their clinic.

When I happened to see a crow's nest. I was so surprised to see the green spotted eggs as I have seen only white eggs till then.

When I first saw a green flower in my uncle's place. I have never seen a flour which is green in colour till then. It is a 'kanakambaram' (tamizh language) flower. which is known in english as 'firecracker flower' and botanical name crossandra infundibuliformis.

Normally it is seen in three different colours. Orange, Dark red like orange and yellow :-

 image courtesy : google search

the green one taken during one of our trip looked like this :-

My mother said during her childhood days, the house where they stayed in had a green rose tree. It was so old and has grown big & thick like a tree. Though I have not seen one in real so far, here is the link for a green rose which one of my blog pal is growing in her garden and recently made a post on that :-

I love the green grasses in the lawn. Love to lie on them & stare at the blue sky above me. I love to do night sky watching lying on the cool grass on a hot summer day. http://emoticoner.com/files/emoticons/smileys/star-plucker-smiley.gif?1292867680

Greenery brings freshness to our eyes and mind. That is why we love to sit in a garden or enjoy our trip to a hillstation or country side. 

With the increasing concrete jungle culture, seeing greenery  is like a oasis on a dessert. Some bring green into their house with pot garden. whether it is a normal plant or a bonsai or terrarium. Whatever be the form, they bring a life into our house. Due to lack of space, I could not go for big potted plants. Hence I bought small indoor plants to satisfy my love for plants.

Terrarium :-

they are miniature garden which grows on moss. In places where there are water shortage, these comes handy. Here is the link to the sight which talks about terrarium and how to make a terrarium "http://www.stormthecastle.com/terrarium/"
Image courtesy :- google search

Green is also considered as a symbol for prosperity. who will not love to see lush green around them!  Luckily we have big gardens in our area to satisfy that thirst of our eyes.

The sahyadri hills & western ghats get covered with lush green carpet during the monsoon season. During winter we can see blossoms of various colours blooming here & there making tiny decorative patches on the green carpet. I still remember our trip to Matheran and Mahabaleshwar during the end of monsoon season. I was not having the camera that time to share the pictures with you. But they are still fresh in my mind.

Green Colour plays such an important part in our life refreshing our mind as well as soul.

Let us go green :-) More smileys for free download

Continued.............. part - II

Mar 25, 2012

An evening in the Garden - Tenali Raman Stories

Raman is very good in presenting timely wits and ease the tense of the situation.

One Evening, in the Palace Garden, the King, Tenali Raman, few courtiers, general, few important & brave soldiers were present. Some of them were boasting about their bravery in the war. They tried to portray themselves as the hero by with competing with each other in 'self praising'. Slowly they got into arguments.

Hearing this Tenali Raman got bored, raised from his seat, grinned and said "My friends, what you have done is nothing. I have done even more when I fought in the war"

Hearing this all of them were wondering "when did Tenali Raman fought in a war"?!

One man asked "Rama, when did you fight in a war? which one? what did you do?"

Raman replied "I cut the legs of an enemy soldier"

Another man asked "Why did you cut his legs? you should have cut his head. what bravery is there to boast about?"

Raman replied "What to do? Someone had already severed his head"

hearing this the garden was filled with laughter.

Mar 23, 2012

Lemon Pickle

Lemon has such a nice citrus flavour which is soothing for the soul. It leaves us refreshed with the flavour and when pickled makes a wonderful combination with curd rice.

We always like the home made pickles, hence every season I buy the veg that is available in the market during that season and this time, it is lemon.

The process will take 12 to 15 days for the pickle to be ready to use. Oil, salt and spices act as preservative. This pickle will stand good for 7 days at room temperature. So you can store it in fridge for longer period  [mine is still running :-) ]or mix in 3 tsp of vinegar to store for longer periods. If you are planning to make it in bulk quantity, you can store the large quantity in freezer. Transfer it to a small container whenever required for use.

Ingridients :

  1. Lemon - 14 Nos.
  2. Salt     - 7 tsp (heaped)
  3. Red chilli powder - 5 tbsp
  4. Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp
  5. Methi seeds - 2 tsp
  6. Sesame oil - 1 & 1/2 cup
  7. mustard seeds - 1 tbsp
  8. Hing powder - 1 tsp

Procedure :

  • Sterilize the bottle you are going to store the pickle and dry, keep it ready.
  • Wash lemon and wipe it with a clean cloth
  • Chop a lemon into four. similarly keep all the lemons cut and ready.
  • Sprinkle the salt over it and leave it to stand for 7 days, don't forget to mix them daily during those 7 days atleast twice a day.
  • 8th day, Dry roast methi seeds, powder & keep ready.
  • Heat oil, add mustard seeds, after they splutter, switch off the flame.
  • Allow it to cool for a minute.
  • Add hing powder (asafoetida) and allow it to cool for 5 minutes
  • To the soaked (pickled) lemon pieces, add red chilli powder, Tumeric Powder and methi seeds powder, mix well. 
  • Adjust the seasoning as per your taste (salt & red chilli powder)
  • Add the oil with mustard seeds to it, mix well and store it in the clean container for another 7 days.
  • Yummy flavourful lemon pickle is ready to accompany your dish to enhance the flavour & taste of the dish.

விலை ஏற்றம் விஷ ஏற்றம்

This I wrote last year when the onion prices & fuel prices went up. sharing with you now.

வரம் வாங்காமல் தொட்டதெல்லாம் பொன்னாகின்றன
ஜொலிக்கவில்லை தங்கம்போல் என்றாலும்
அனைத்தையுமே தங்கமாகி பார்க்க
நாட்டை சூறையாடும் நாயகர்களுக்கு ஆசை - அதற்க்கு
விலை ஏற்றம் தான் வழி என நினைத்தால்
ஏழைக்கும் எட்டாது தோசை
வாயுவும் வயிற்றெரிச்சலும் தான் மிஞ்சும்
'தலை வலி தனக்கு வந்தால் தான்' தெரியும்!
நாயகனாய் மிளிர வேண்டியவரே - நீங்கள்
ஏன் வில்லனாய் மாறி உயிரை எடுக்குறீர்கள்?
நித்தம் சமயலறையில் 'எரிவாயு' அடுப்போடு
நம் வயிற்றையும் சேரத்தன்றோ எரிக்கிறது விலையேறி
மின்சாரம், உணவு பண்டம், மருத்துவம், கல்வி என
எல்லாமே எட்டாக் கனியாய் பழுத்துக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறது
தன் உழைப்பின் ஊதியத்தை என்ன வென அறியாது
அடுத்தவரின் சட்டைப் பயில் கைவிட்டே வாழ்ந்துவிட்டார்
கட்டுவோம் மூட்டை அடைவோம் அரசியல் நடத்துபவர் வீட்டை
தலை வலி என்ன வென காட்டுவோம்
வீட்டுச் செலவுகளை அவர்கள் தலையில் கட்டி

(False publicity has now become a tool for fame which even our politicians have started to practice They do all the scams & emerge victoriously like a hero with a forged clean chit!)

Mar 22, 2012

திருவிளக்கு அகவல்

விளக்கே திருவிளக்கே வேந்தன் உடன்பிறப்பே
ஜோதி மணிவிளக்கே ஸ்ரீதேவி பொன்மணியே
அந்தி விளக்கே அலங்கார நாயகியே
காந்தி விளக்கே காமாக்ஷி தாயாரே
பசும்பொன் விளக்கு வைத்து பஞ்சுத்திரிபோட்டு
குளம்போல எண்ணெய்விட்டு கோலமுடன் ஏற்றி வைத்தேன்
ஏற்றினேன் நெய்விளக்கு எந்தன் குடிவிளங்க
மாளிகையில் ஜோதியுள்ள மாதாவைக் கண்டு மகிழ்ந்தேன் யான்
மாங்கல்யப் பிச்சை மடிப்பிச்சை தாருமம்மா
சந்தானப் பிச்சையுடன் தனங்களும் தாருமம்மா
பட்டி நிறைய பால் பசுவைத் தாருமம்மா
கொட்டகை நிறைய குதிரைகளைத் தாருமம்மா
புகழுடம்பைத் தாருமம்மா பக்கத்தில் நில்லுமம்மா
அல்லும் பகலும் என் அண்டையில் நில்லுமம்மா

Mar 21, 2012

நாம ராமாயணம் / Nama Ramayanam

ஸ்ரீ ராம ஜெயம்

ஓம் ஸ்ரீ ஸீதா லக்ஷ்மண பரத சத்ருக்ன ஹனுமத் சமேத
ஸ்ரீ ராமச்சந்தரபரப்ரஹ்மணே  நம :

ஸ்ரீ நாம ராமாயணம் 
பால காண்டம்

  1. சுத்த ப்ரஹ்ம பராத்பர ராம்
  2. கலாத்மக பரமேஸ்வர ராம்
  3. சேஷதல்ப ஸுகநித்ரித ராம்
  4. ப்ரஹ்மா த்யமர பிரார்தித ராம்
  5. சந்டகிரனகுல மண்டந ராம்
  6. ஸ்ரீமத் தசரத நந்தன ராம்
  7. கௌசல்யா ஸுக வர்த்தந  ராம்
  8. விஸ்வாமித்ர ப்ரியதன ராம்
  9. கோர தாடகா காதக ராம்
  10. மாரீசாதி நிபாதக ராம்
  11. கௌசிக மகஸம்ரக்ஷக ராம்
  12. ஸ்ரீ மத ஹல்யோத்தாரக ராம்
  13. கௌதம முனிஸம் பூஜித ராம்
  14. ஸுரமுநிவரகண ஸம்ஸ்துத ராம்
  15.  நாவிகதாவித ம்ருதுபத ராம்
  16. மிதிலாபுரஜன மோஹக ராம்
  17. விதேஹ மானஸ ரஞ்ஜக ராம்
  18. த்ரியம்பக கார்முக பஞ்ஜக ராம்
  19. ஸீதார்ப்பித வர மாலிக ராம்
  20. க்ருதவைவாஹிக கௌதுக ராம்
  21. பார்கவ தர்ப்ப வி நாசக ராம்
  22. ஸ்ரீமதயோத்யா பாலக ராம்

    ராம ராம ஜெய ராஜா ராம், ராம ராம ஜெய ஸீதா ராம் (2 times)

    அயோத்யா காண்டம்

    1. அகணித குணகண பூஷித ராம்
    2. அவ்நீதநயா காமித ராம்
    3.  ராகாசந்த்ர ஸமாநந ராம்
    4. பித்ரு வாக்யாச்ரித காநந ராம்
    5. ப்ரிய குஹ வி நிவேதித ராம்
    6. தத்க்ஷாலித நிஜ ம்ருதுபத ராம்
    7. பரத்வாஜமுகா  நந்தக ராம்
    8. சித்ரகூட த்ரிநிகேதந ராம்
    9. தசரத ஸந்தத சிந்தித ராம்
    10. கைகேயீ தநயார்த்தித ராம்
    11. விரசித நிஜ பித்ருகர்மக ராம்
    12. பரதார்ப்பித நிஜ பாதுக ராம்

      ராம ராம ஜெய ராஜா ராம், ராம ராம ஜெய ஸீதா ராம் (2 டைம்ஸ்)

      ஆரண்ய காண்டம்

      1. தண்டகாவந ஜந பாவன ராம்
      2. துஷ்ட விராத விநாசன ராம்
      3. சரபங்க ஸுதீக்ஷ்ண அர்ச்சித ராம்
      4. அகஸ்த்யா நுக்ரஹ வர்த்தித ராம்
      5. க்ருத்ராதிப  ஸம்ஸேவித ராம்
      6. பஞ்சவடீ தட ஸுஸ்தித ராம்   
      7. சூர்பனகார்த்திவிதாயக ராம்
      8. கரதூஷணமுக ஸூதக ராம்
      9. ஸீ தாப்ரிய ஹரிணா நுக ராம்
      10. மாரீசார்த்தி க்ருதாசுக ராம்
      11. விநஷ்ட ஸீதாந்வேஷக ராம்
      12. க்ருத்ராதிப கதி தாயக ராம்
      13. சபரீ தத்த பலாசந ராம் 
      14. கபந்த பாஹுச் சேதந ராம்

        ராம ராம ஜெய ராஜா ராம், ராம ராம ஜெய ஸீதா ராம் (2 டைம்ஸ்)

         கிஷ்கிந்தா காண்டம்

        1. ஹனுமத் ஸேவித நிஜபத ராம்
        2. ந்த ஸுக்ரீவாபீஷ்டத ராம்
        3. கர்வித வாலி ஸம்ஹாரக ராம்
        4. வானர தூத ப்ரேஷக ராம்
        5. ஹிதகர லக்ஷ்மண ஸம்யுத ராம்

          ராம ராம ஜெய ராஜா ராம், ராம ராம ஜெய ஸீதா ராம் (2 டைம்ஸ்)

          சுந்தர காண்டம்

          1. கபிவர ஸந்ததஸ்ம்ஸம்ருத ராம்
          2. தத்கதி விக்ந த்வம்ஸக ராம்
          3. ஸீதா ப்ராண தாரக ராம்
          4. துஷ்ட தசாநந தூஷித ராம்
          5. சிஷ்ட ஹனுமத் பூஷித ராம்
          6. ஸீதா வேதித காகாவந ராம்
          7. க்ருத சூடாமணி தர்சந ராம்
          8. கபிவர வசனா ச்வாஸித ராம்

            ராம ராம ஜெய ராஜா ராம், ராம ராம ஜெய ஸீதா ராம் (2 டைம்ஸ்)

            யுத்த காண்டம்

            1. ராவண நிதநப்ரஸ்தித ராம்
            2. வாநர சைந்ய ஸமாவ்ருத ராம்
            3. சோஷித ஸரிதீசார்த்தித ராம்
            4. விபீஷணாபய தாயக ராம்
            5. பர்வத ஸேது நிபந்தக ராம்
            6. கும்பகர்ண சிரச்சேதக ராம்
            7. ராக்ஷஸ ஸங்க விமர்த்தக ராம்
            8. அஹி மஹி ராவண சாரண ராம்
            9. ஸம்ஹ்ருத தசமுக ராவண ராம்
            10. விதிபவ முகஸுர  ஸம்ஸ்துத ராம்
            11. கஸ்தித  தசரத வீக்ஷித ராம்
            12. ஸீதா தர்சன மோதித ராம்
            13. அபிஷ்க்தவி பீஷணநத ராம்
            14. புஷ்பக யாநா ரோஹண ராம்
            15. பரத்வாஜாபி நிஷேவண ராம்
            16. பரதப்ராண ப்ரியகர ராம்
            17. ஸாகேதபுரீ பூஷண ராம் 
            18. கைல ஸ்வீய ஸமாநந ராம்
            19. ரத்ந லஸத் பீடாஸ்தித ராம்
            20. பட்டாபிஷேகாலங்க்ருத ராம்
            21. பார்த்திவ குல ஸம்மாநித ராம்
            22. விபிஷனார்ப்பித்த ரங்கக ராம்
            23. கீசகுலாநுக்ர ஹகர ராம்
            24. ஸகலஜீவ  ஸம்ரக்ஷக ராம்
            25. ஸமஸ்த லோகா தாரக ராம்  
              ராம ராம ஜெய ராஜா ராம், ராம ராம ஜெய ஸீதா ராம் (2 டைம்ஸ்)

              உத்தர  காண்டம்

              1. ஆகத முனிகண ஸம்ஸ்துத ராம்
              2. விச்ருத தசகண் டோத்பவ ராம்
              3. ஸீதா லிங்கந நிவ்ருத ராம்
              4. நீதிஸுரக்ஷித ஜநபத ராம்
              5. விபிந த்யாஜித ஜநகஜ ராம்
              6. காரித லவணா ஸு ரவத ராம்   
              7. ஸ்வர்க்கத சம்புக ஸம்ஸ்துத ராம்
              8. ஸ்வதநய குசலவ நந்தித ராம்
              9. அஸ்வமேத க்ரது தீக்ஷித ராம்
              10. காலா வேதித ஸுரபத ராம்
              11. அயோத்யகஜந முக்தித ராம்
              12. விதிமுக விபுதா நந்தக ராம் 
              13. தேஜோமய நிஜரூபக ராம்
              14. ஸம்ஸ்ருதி பந்த  விமோசக ராம்
              15. தர்ம ஸ்தாபந தத்பர ராம்
              16. பக்தி பராயண முக்திந ராம்
              17. ஸர்வ சராசர பாலக ராம்
              18. ஸர்வ பவாமய வாரக ராம்
              19. வைகுண்டாலய சம்ஸ்தித ராம்
              20. நித்தியாநந்த பதஸ்தித ராம்
                ராம ராம ஜெய ராஜா ராம், ராம ராம ஜெய ஸீதா ராம் (2 டைம்ஸ்)

                 ஸ்ரீ ராம ஜெய ராம ஜெய ஜெய ராமா
                ஸ்ரீ ராம ஜெய ராம ஜெய ஜெய ராமா
                ஸ்ரீ ராம ஜெய ராம ஜெய ஜெய ராமா

                Sree Rama Jeyam

                Om Sri seetha lakshmana bharadha chatrukhna hanumath samedha sree ramachandra parabhrahmane namaha

                SREE NAMA RAMAYANAM

                Baala Kaandam

                1. Sudha Bhrama parathpara ram
                2. Kaalathmaka parameswara ram
                3. seshathalpa suganithritha ram
                4. bhrahma thyamara prarthitha ram
                5. chandakiranakula mandana ram
                6. sreemath dasaratha nandana ram
                7. kausalya suka vardhana ram
                8. viswamithra priyathana ram
                9. kora thadaka kadhaka ram
                10. maareesadhi nibhathaka ram
                11. kausika magasamrakshaka ram
                12. sree madhahalyotharaka ram
                13. gauthama munisampoojitha ram
                14. suramuni varagana samthutha ram
                15. naavikadhavidha mruthupadha ram
                16. mithilapurajana mohaka ram
                17. vidheha maanasa ranjaka ram
                18. thryambaka kaarmukha panchaka ram
                19. seetharpitha varamaalika ram
                20. kruthavaivahika kauthuka ram
                21. bhargava tharpa vinasaka ram
                22. sree madhayothya balaka ram

                  "rama rama jaya raja ram, rama rama jaya seetha ram" (2 times)

                  Ayodhya Gandam

                  1. Aganitha gunakana bhooshitha ram
                  2. avaneethanaya kaamitha ram
                  3. raagaachandra samanana ram
                  4. pithru vakyachritha kaanana ram
                  5. priya guha vinivedhitha padha ram
                  6. thathkshalitha nija mruthupadha ram
                  7. bhardhwajamukha nandhaka ram
                  8. chithrakoota thrinikethana ram
                  9. dasaratha sandhatha chinthitha ram
                  10. kaikeyi thanayarthitha ram
                  11. virasitha nija pithru karmaka ram
                  12. bharathaarpitha nija padhuka ram

                    Rama rama jeya raja ram, Rama rama jeya seetha ram (2 times)

                    Aaranya kandam

                    1. Dhandakavatha jana pavana ram
                    2. dhushta viradha vinaasana ram
                    3. Sarabhanga sudeekshana architha ram
                    4. agasthyanugraha varthitha ram
                    5. krutharathipa samsevitha ram
                    6. panchavati thada susthitha ram
                    7. soorpanagarthitha vidhayaka ram
                    8. kara dhooshanamukha soothaka ram
                    9. seethapriya harina nukha ram
                    10. maareesarthi kruthaasukha ram
                    11. vinashta seethanveshaka ram
                    12. kruthrathibha gati dhyaka ram
                    13. sabaree thatha palasana ram
                    14. kabandha bahuchethana ram
                      Rama rama jeya raja ram, Rama rama jeya seetha ram (2 times)

                      Kishkintha Kandam

                      1. Hanumath sevitha nijapatha ram
                      2. Nadha sukreevaabeeshtadha ram
                      3. Karvidha vaali samharakha ram
                      4. Vaanura dhoodha preshaka ram
                      5. Hithakara lakshmana samyutha ram

                        Rama rama jeya raja ram, Rama rama jeya seetha ram (2 times)

                        Sundara Kandam

                        1. Kabivara santhatha samsrutha ram
                        2. Thathgadhi vigna dhwamsaka ram
                        3. Seethe prana tharaka ram
                        4. Dhushta dasanana dhooshitha ram
                        5. Sishta hanumath bhooshitha ram
                        6. Seethe vedhitha kakavana ram
                        7. Krutha choodamani darsana ram
                        8. Kabivara vachana chwasitha ram
                          Rama rama jeya raja ram, Rama rama jeya seetha ram (2 times)

                          Yudha kandam

                          1. Ravana nidhanaprasthitha ram
                          2. Vanara sainya smavrutha ram
                          3. Choshitha saritheecharthitha ram
                          4. Vibhishanabhaya dhayaka ram
                          5. Parvadha sethu nibhanthaka ram
                          6. Kumbakarna sirachetaka ram
                          7. Rakshasa sanga vimarthaka ram
                          8. Ahimahi ravana charana ram
                          9. Samhrutha dasamukha ravana ram
                          10. Vidhibhava mukasura samsthutha ram
                          11. Kasthitha dasaratha veekshitha ram
                          12. Seethe darsana mothitha ram
                          13. Abhishktha vibheeshanadha ram
                          14. Pushpaka yana rohana ram
                          15. Bhardwajabi nishevana ram
                          16. Bharadha prana priyakara ram
                          17. Saakethapuri bhooshana ram
                          18. Sakalasveeya samanana ram
                          19. Ratna lasathpeedasthitha ram
                          20. Pattabhishekalangrudha ram
                          21. Paarthibha kula sammanidha ram
                          22. Vibhishanarpitha rangaka ram
                          23. Keesa kulaanugraha kara ram
                          24. Sakala jeeva samrakshaka ram
                          25. Samastha loka tharaka ram
                            Rama rama jeya raja ram, Rama rama jeya seetha ram (2 times)
                            Uthra Kandam

                            1. Aakatha munigana samsthutha ram
                            2. Vichrutha dasakandothbhava ram
                            3. Seethalingana nivrutha ram
                            4. Needhi surakshitha janapatha ram
                            5. Vibhina thyajitha janagaja ram
                            6. Kaaritha lavana suravadha ram
                            7. Swarkadha sambuga samsthutha ram
                            8. Swathanaya kuchalava nandhitha ram
                            9. Aswametha krathu deekshitha ram
                            10. Kala vedhitha surapadha ram
                            11. Ayodhyagajana mukthitha ram
                            12. Vidhimukha vibhudhanandhaka ram
                            13. Tejomaya nija roopaka ram
                            14. Samsruthi bhandhaka vimochaka ram
                            15. Dharma sthapana thathpara ram
                            16. Bhakti parayana mukthina ram
                            17. Sarva charachara palaka ram
                            18. Sarva bhavamaya varaka ram
                            19. Vaikundalaya samsthitha ram
                            20. Nithyanandha padasthitha ram
                              Rama rama jeya raja ram, Rama rama jeya seetha ram
                              Rama rama jeya raja ram, Rama rama jeya seetha ram

                              sri rama jaya rama jeya jeya raamaa
                              sri rama jaya rama jeya jeya raamaa 
                              sri rama jaya rama jeya jeya raamaa 

                                Image courtesy : google search

                              Mar 19, 2012

                              Neeragaram / Pazhayadhu / நீராகாரம்/summer cooler & energy drink

                              Summer is down so as usual I started our 'Neeragaram' or Pazhayadhu for breaking the fast in the morning.

                              Our farmers from southern regions and many villagers have this diet in the morning which keep them healthy, fit and energized for the whole day. It is a lovely sight to seem them having a plate of pazhayadhu (leftover soaked rice) biting the onion & green chillies as side dish. 

                              The purest form is without butter milk. But to enhance the taste, we can add the buttermilk. 

                              It is very good body cooling, energetic, simple, delicious, Healthy breakfast.

                              Ingridients :

                              1. cooked Rice - 2 cups
                              2. Water - as required to cover the rice completely
                              3. Small Onion - 10 nos.
                              4. Salt to taste
                              5. Buttermilk - 1 cup
                              Curry leaves, Green chilli - Optional (use as a variation for a change in flavour)

                              Procedure :

                              • Previous night soak the rice and leave it stand till next day morning
                              • Next day, drain the water (this water never discard as we are going to mix it back with rice in the process), mash the rice
                              • finely chop small onions, curry leaves, green chilli and add it to the mashed rice
                              • Now add the water that is drained (in which rice is soaked) to it and also a cup of buttermilk.
                              • season it with salt, mix well
                              • now the Healthy breakfast is ready to keep you energetic on a hot summer day

                              Please go through the attached image (published in a magazine) for knowing its health benefits better. I am giving a translation of the same below this picture :-

                               If you find the letters in the picture very small, press 'ctrl' button and simultaneously move the scroll button in your mouse upwards, this will enlarge the screen. To resize the scree again, press 'ctrl' and move the scroll button in mouse downwards.

                              HEALTH BENEFITS :

                              1. Grest source of vitamin B12 and B6, 
                              2. It has trillions of good bacteria which keeps your digestive system especially the small intestine clean and healthy
                              3. The small onions / shallots used increase immunity power
                              4. It prevents ulcer, cools down the body, Healthy & light diet
                              5. Keep you energized throughout the day
                              6. without buttermilk it can cure ulcer as both onion as well as the soaked rice & water acts as cooling agent
                              7. Even for chicken pox, a cloth is dipped in that water and kept over eyes to cool them.

                              Mar 18, 2012

                              Dos and Donts suggestions for those who are fitted with pace makers

                              Sharing with you the info I have come across on pace maker. A heart specialist gave the following advise for those who are fitted with pace makers.

                              Pace maker is fitted to increase the pumping rate of the heart. Normally it should be within the range of 60 to 90 beats per minute and it varies depending upon one's activity and stress levels. When it reduces drastically, pace maker is fitted to increase the heart pumping function to normal level.

                              1. Pace maker will only help to increase the heart beat and cannot prevent heart attack. Hence have to careful with the eating & living habits.
                              2. Pace maker will not function inside a magnetic field, hence let you doctor know if you are prescribed for MRI scans and avoid going to places where magnetic field is there
                              3. Always carry the certificate or the card which says that pacemaker is planted in your body, this is to avoid the problem that may arise during a security check as the metal detector will raise an alarm. Especially while travelling by flights or going to temples or malls which has metal detector.
                              4. If the person who has got a pace maker fitted in his or her body dies, please remove the instrument with the help of a doctor before making cremations as it may explode during that process.

                              Olan - (using ashgourd/ilavan)

                              Olan is a very simple watery vegetable preparation which can be used as a side dish or can be mixed with rice for a main course if you want keep your cooking simple. Sharing with you the olan that is made using ashgourd (poosani / bhopla / ilavan). Can also be prepared using Pumpkin (parangikai / manjal poosani / kadhdhu)

                              Ashgourd helps in weight reduction.

                              Ingridients :

                              1. Ashgourd - 1 Cup (sliced)
                              2. cow peas - 1 tbsp (black eyed beans / chawli)
                              3. Salt to taste
                              4. Coconut Oil - 1 tbsp
                              5. Coconu Milk - 2 tbsp
                              6. Sugar - 1/4 tsp
                              7. Green chilli - 2 nos
                              8. Water to cook the vegetable
                              Procedure :
                              • Thinly slice the ashgourd, Pour water to cover it.
                              • Add salt, vertically sliced green chilli, sugar to it and cook
                              • Pressure cook the cow peas till they become tender
                              • Add the cooked cow peas to the pumpkin preparation.
                              • When the pumpkin pieces turn transparent & tender, add coconut oil,  coconut milk and mix well. cook for 30 seconds and remove from fire
                              Variations :
                              1. Instead of coocnut milk, regular cow milk can also be used but to be added only after removing from fire.
                              2. Instead of adding oil directly, you can heat little oil, add curry leaves and then add it as a tempering to the prepared dish and add the milk.
                              3. you can drink it as soup by without adding or reducing oil & milk.
                              4. If you keep it little thick, use as a side dish, if made watery, use it as a main dish to be eaten with plain rice.
                              5. Adding cow peas is optional

                              Mar 14, 2012

                              Kaaradayaan Nombu / Saavitri Pooja

                              Kaaradayaan Nonmbu is a fasting observed by the Married ladies and unmarried girls. A married lady pray for the well being of her husband and an unmarried girl pray to get a good husband.

                              This auscpicious day falls on a time when the Tamizh month 'maasi 'ends and the new month 'Panguni' starts.

                              Women observe fasting, pray to the goddess by lighting a lamp, chanting slokas.

                              The pooja and tying the sacred thread (Charadu Kattal) should be over in Maasi month time and when we eat the adai prasadam and get up it should be the "panguni" month time. This is how timing is taken into account. But in some cases, the festival falls at midnight... elders advise that in such case the thread to be tied in an auspicious time of the massi month last day.

                              The story behind this fast is given here

                              On this day, after having headbath, light the lamp and pray to the god chanting slokas.

                              Sweet and Salt adais are prepared and offered to god along with butter on plaintain leaf / Banyan Leaf, tamboolam (beetel leaves, beetelnut, whole turmeric, the sacred yellow thread, flowers).

                              The sacred yellow thread (Nombu Charadu) should be made this way (photo below) by tying a flower in it.

                              After the prayers, the yellow thread is tied to the goddess and also in the neck of the lady who offers the prayers. As per traditional practice the wife seeks the blessings (after god) her husband and then the elders of the family on this day.

                              The offering is normally done in Banyan leaf or Banana leaf. If any of them, not available then we can offer it in Patra (photo below) or in a plate (as shown in photo above).

                              Then the fast is broken by eating the prashad (Adais) along with butter. [Adai (sweet as well as salt) Recipes]

                              Those who could not keep the vrath on time for some reasons may observe it on auspicious time of some other day in the month and seeks the blessings of the goddess.

                              During Mourning time :-   i.e. when someone dear to us passes away, then till the first death anniversary rituals are done (Aata Shradham), some people don't celebrate any festival as per their tradition. However for any festival days like Ganesh Chaturthi, Krishna Janmashtami, etc.. we can offer Fruits and Coconut to the God as we will not be making any Neivedhyams.  So for this nombu (nonbu) also, we need not make the adais, but we can offer betel leaves, betel nut, flower, banana during pooja. (photo shown below)

                              May the Saavitri maa and the goddess Kamakshi bless you all.

                              Jai mata di!!

                              Mar 4, 2012

                              Shoulder Shopping Bag

                              As part of go green effort, I have stitched some cloth bags for myself with available scrap clothes. Sharing with you one such bag. The centre design I drew using fabric paint and glitter glue.

                              Mar 3, 2012

                              Cabbage Channa Subzi / முட்டைகோஸ் கொண்டைகடலை பொரியல்

                              A delicious looking, tasting dish with a touch of protein using cabbage and kabuli chana.

                              Ingridients :-

                              1. Cabbage - 1 cup (finely shredded)
                              2. Kabuli channa - 1/2 cup (soaked overnight)
                              3. Oil - 1 tbsp
                              4. Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
                              5. Grated coconut - 2 tbsp
                              6. salt to taste
                              7. Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
                              8. Green chilli- 1 or 2 nos. (coarsely ground or very finely chopped)
                              Procedure :-

                              • Pressure cook kabuli channa adding salt.
                              • In a wok, add the grated coconut & roast it till it turns golden colour
                              • Transfer it to a plate or bowl
                              • Pour a tbsp of oil, add mustard seeds
                              • After they pops up, add the green chilli, shredded cabbage, turmeric powder, salt.
                              • Add a tbsp of water
                              • In a thali or a shallow plate, pour some water and keep it over the kadai covering the cabbage.
                              • This will help it cook in its juice and prevent it getting burnt
                              • Occassionally stir in between
                              • Once the cabbage is cooked, add the boiled channa (draining water) and the roasted coconut and mix well, let it cook for a minute.
                              • Delicious cabbage, channa subzi ready to relished with roti / rice

                              Mar 2, 2012

                              Gift from Jessica

                              I received the gift sent by Jessica (http://jessicascraftshaque.blogspot.in) on whose Blog Hop I was selected on a lucky draw http://jessicascraftshaque.blogspot.in/2012/01/hop-winners.html 

                              She had packed them so nicely, my joy knew no bounds when I received it.

                              Thank you Jessica :-)

                              sharing with you the photos of the lovely stamps she had sent me

                              Mar 1, 2012

                              Revival of a Boquet

                              We received a lovely boquet on a special day from our dear friends. It brought such a nice smile in the morning hours as it arrived unexpectedly. 

                              When it started losing its life after two days, I didn't want to throw it. So it was left on the table for a week. 

                              Suddenly an idea struck me. I left it dry completely for a fortnight. Removed the dried flowers and retained the stems and leaves.

                              Planning to add few more decorative flowers and things to it. But I could not resist sharing it with you, hence here I am sharing with you the revived boquet  (I know I cannot bring life into it, but made my level best to revive it in my way) which painted using acrylic colours.

                              Before revival :

                              After :

                              Your Kind Attention Please :-)

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