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Sep 29, 2012

Embossed Warli Painting -1

Made an embossed warli painting recently and was waiting for it to get framed. So it finally reached my hands yesterday night and here it is for your eyes :-) Its my first attempt using embossing method. Idea borrowed from a craft programme telecasted on a TV show very long back. Remembered it one day so decided to try.

Embossed not in metal but in paper. Yes it is easy to make.

You will need :-

  1. Catridge (paper to paint)
  2. Fabric glue
  3. Acrylic colours (Black, burnt sienna, brown)
  4. Gold colour
  5. Thin brush
  6. Flat brush
  7. Toothpick
Procedure :-

  • On the catridge, draw any warli design of your choice. In this painting I drew a tree, birds, people watering the tree.
  • Fill the figures with fabric glue. For the tree bark effect, once the glue is semi dry, using a toothpick scratch the tree to get the bark texture. Let it dry for a day.

First apply a coat of diluted burnt sienna all over using up & down strokes only. No horizontal or criss cross strokes. Use a flat brush for this purpose. Hope the picture below will give you an idea of how it is done.

  • Over this using brown colour - dry brush stroke, apply on the edges downwards, this will give a dark edge and bright centre. Let it dry.
  • Using black colour & thin brush, make edgings in the tree where you need highlight
  • Using gold paint, paint the embossed figure leaving the black highlight. Let it dry and then get it framed.


வை.கோபாலகிருஷ்ணன் said...

Very Nice ... Superb !

Congrats Mira !!


Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW this is super cool...I must try it!

AmitAag said...

Oh, it's breathtakingly beautiful, Mira:) Thanks a lot for teaching the method too:) Shall try it out soon!

Mira said...

Thank you Gopu sir, Sonia, Amitji

Ranjana's craft blog said...

WOW! Such a nice idea!

Geetha Rao said...

What an idea Sir ji....Had never ever thought it can be done in this way also....Thank you for the instructions...

artandcraft said...

beautiful work mira. I have done the same in glass also.

Mira said...

Thank you Ranjana, Geetha, artandcraft (glad to know you did that in glass painting. posted?)

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