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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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Apr 14, 2013

Sparrows - tiny beings going unnoticed

With the sparrow population decreasing I am happy to see them atleast alive in our place.

There are lot many short trees that are planted on the roadside which house them from dusk to dawn.

During the day, they happily fly, hop, chirp on the terrance, on the window, sitting on the rope kept for drying clothes.....

I have captured photos but never attemtped a video. Finally a regular visitor who got used to my presence & tolerated me was kind enough to pose for a short video......

Bird lovers like me try to feed them grains. But the major share is taken away by the pigeons who are the dadas of this area ha.ha.ha.a.............

Sparrows survive on small thick bushes and short trees. Their homes are destroyed by the fast spreading concrete jungle. There are plant lovers who are kind enough to make landscapes amidst the concrete setups & bring greenery into the environment with lots of bushes, plating trees like how our builder does. 

During an evening walk one can notice the chorus of their chirps and the bunch of leaves moving here & there restlessly till it becomes dark.

The roads are well laid and the short trees are planted near the roads hence we hope this will provide some kind of shelter in encouraging their populatoin.

There are some cats which are on prowl and it will not be difficult for them to climb those short trees. Now i can fully understand why they chirp so happily on seeing the slightest tinge of twilight touching the skyline every dawn which shows how relieved for having passed the night successfully & survived to see another day!!

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