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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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November 18, 2022

The Root & the Big Family Tree

 The Root & the Big Family Tree🌳

If a tree has to be nourished the root has to be taken care. The fertilizers & the water are fed through the root.

Our Sanathana Dharma indirectly was teaching us that and the family system of ancient India before any foreign rule, realized that and practiced it by nurturing the girl child and women in the family.

Education was nothing but art of living then. Ladies were educated, humble and brave. Ladies taught their children & girls their younger siblings, the epics , puranas in the story form which taught us art of living (the dos & dont's). Chatrapati Shivaji Raje learnt a lot from those stories listening to jijabai and followed the same when imprisoned by Aurangazeb. (Hiding in thevfruit basket).  This is just a sample! There were many heroes and heroins in our land had who were nutured by their roots in the name of mothers & grandmothers. Our history instead of being made, if was dug properly, it would have been a great Treasure Hunt.

Ladies were respected thus they were kept under protection of the family, like a root.

If a man had to observe a good life the woman he married became his support system. Together they carried forward their journey by man being the bread earner and the woman an able administrator  of internal & sometimes external affairs too & as a supervisor as well.  

Woman was worshipped as a roopam of Shakti. When the girl was married, she was considered to be the Mahalakshmi of the house hence the practise of giving gold and other things to the bride's family by the bridegroom was practiced in the ancient India. Bhagavan Srinivasa marrying Padmavati is the proof from our ancient History. This changed when our Focus was disturbed by foreign invasions.

Because woman had to undergo a threat during invasion by some ruthless foreign rulers, who and their men abducted girls & women whether they were married or unmarried, women were kept inside home for their own safety. Safe keeping of roots.

At a later stage this took a bad shape. The very purpose of that act was forgotten and misunderstood, resulting in some men folk following things blindly by making woman uneducated, never allowed them to go out of house, etc.... they changed their focus from the dharma and considered woman inferior and weak. All these because of a generation or two had forgotten to pass on the correct knowledge to the next generation of boys & girls that a woman is a 'root of the family tree'.  

If we ladies know how to carry ourselves physically and mentally like our ancestors we can build a better nation. Rani Laxmi Bai, Rani Mangamma are few known examples from our History.

A root is always under the earth, but it is important for the survival of the tree throughout its life. It keeps the tree up and tall. The importance is not felt until the root is affected. The leaves may prepare food, the trunk and branches may help transporting various things, but all these cannot happen smoothly without the proper function of a root.

It is important that every boy and girl is taught the art of living (right from this toddler phase) which is part of the life cycle of a human being. Girls should be humble but brave. We need to shift our focus from the west to the roots of sanathana dharma. If the girl child is brought up in the right way, she can become a good root to nurture a big tree - 🌳 A Big Family Tree! 

Hare Krishna 🌸🙏🏻🌸

🟠May our dharma flourish and nurture every mind and thus our land. 

🟠May our History be digged instead of made.

- Mira Murli

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