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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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August 24, 2011

The Wise Villagers (Indian Folk Tale)

There was a rich man in a village who was a miser.  Whenever a poet or any poor man vists him, he will get something done through them, but never paid any reward.  

It was his Birthday,  hence he announced that unlimited ladoos would be served to those who come  for the big party that he was going to organize with a good gift.  This message reached soon the nook and corner of the village. The villagers were surprised to hear this announcement from a Miser. They thought he had atlast changed himself for a day.

Every man, woman and child dressed themselves in their best attire, packed a gift and started towards the bungalow of the Rich Man. There was not any sign of a celebration there except a servant who  was standing outside welcoming & guiding them to a big hall after collecting the presents from their hands. The air there was filled with the aroma of delicious ghee laddu  and made the visitors’ mouth water.

After every village men and women arrived, the Rich man made his appearance in his best robe. His greed went to such an extent that he announced that unlimited ladoos would be served soon and that no one should eat it neither with their own hands or by bending & taking ladoos with their mouth. Hearing this, there was a deep silence prevailed in the hall for sometime.

Ramu the wise one whispered something into the ears of the man standing next to him. Soon the whisper was passed to others and the hall soon was filled with joyous cries accepting the challenge. The rich man was stunned seeing the reaction but greedily smiled in a corner thinking that his ladoos are saved.

The villagers seated themselves in a huge spiral formation.  Plates loaded with ladoos were placed in front of every one. Soon the rich man saw the wise villagers feeding the other one with unlimited ladoos. Hurray! the villagers are enjoying themselves well. Soon all the ladoos were finished. The rich man learnt a lesson for his greed.

Everyone, appreciated and congratulated clever Ramu without whom they could not have enjoyed the feast.
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