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September 4, 2011

Gravies Suggestions

  1. Sambhar
  2. Rasam
  3. Poricha kuzhambu
  4. Pitlai
  5. Uppadam
  6. Vathal kuzhambu
  7. Mor kuzhambu
  8. Keeri paruppu
  9. kootu (greens, ridgegourd, chowchow, snakegourd, pumpkin, etc) - check below for side dish gravies
  10. Avial
  11. Pulikachal
  12. Molakootal
  13. Pulungari
  14. Kaalan
  15. Rasakaalan
  16. Morcurry
  17. Molagooshyam
  18. Eriseri
  19. Pulissery (Using Ripe Mango)
  20. Pazha Pulissery (Using Nendran Banana)
  21. Milagu Kuzhambu (Peppercorn)
  22. Stew / Ishtoo (vegetable stew)

  1. chole
  2. usal
  3. Greenpeas curry
  4. Aaloo gravy
  5. Rajma
  6. Dal Makhani
  7. Muttar paneer
  8. Paneer tika
  9. korma
  10. dhal fry (fried onion, ginger, garlic, tomato, mustard, seasoning)
  11. dhal tadka (jeera, mustard, red chilli, hing tempering)
  12. mixed dhal
  13. varan dhal (plain without tempering)
  14. Channa Masala
  15. Kadala Curry (brown channa curry)
  16. Khatta Meetha Chatpata Chole
  17. Aloo Mutter (Potato Green peas gravy)
  18. Pindi Channa
  19. Aamti
Side dish gravies for Rice
  1. Vazhathandu Pachadi /Plantain Stem Curry
  2. Pulikachal (Orange Peel)
  3. Vellarikai Kootu (Cucumber)
  4. Poricha Kootu
  5. Chenai Masiyal (Suran / Elephant Yam)
  6. Inji Puli (Puli inji) - ginger based spicy tangy sweet dish
  7. Olan
  8. THayir Pachadi (using Carrot)
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