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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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January 30, 2012

Liebster Blogger Award

I am so happy to receive the "Liebster Blog" award from Angelin of Papercrafts

Liebester is a German word meaning "favorite" or "beloved" and the award goes to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. 

Angelin of papercrafts @ http://cherubcrafts.blogspot.com throws charm on the viewers through her beautiful craft works viz., Cards, Quilling & Ribbon Emrboidery. She combines them nicely in her card which makes them unique.

Dear Angelin  so much for passing this award to me.

Here are my top 6 picks for the Liebster Blog Award:

  1. Mahi from Mahi's Space who makes her post special with a casual conversational touch. She posts on various topics viz., on her holiday trips, Culinary skills, etc. Mahi, when I see the food postings from you, my place is under flood (that much I Drool!) 
  2. Nityakalyani from Nitya's Knit Quoin - The knitter blog pal of me. She creates her own design. She is one of those who inspired me very much. Such a talented, humble person who is always ready to share her knowledge without second thought when approached. The lines she added just below her blog name (above the welcome message) leaves a special impact on me......she makes the needles dance to the magical tunes of her fingers (not fragile fingers as she had mentioned they are magical ones).
  3. Usha srikumar from Ushasrikumar's Musings - a new blog pal. She made her entry recently but stole my art with her awesome Kerala Mural Work. and Tanjore Paintings.  Especially the 'Narasimha' (which shows the god so peaceful unlike the normal ferocious form) which is unique of its kind. She is also makes posts on her culinary skills and I am savouring them virtually with my mouth wide open :D She also does other kinds of art & craft works. Go and have a look at her new blog to admire the beauty created by her wonderful fingers.
  4. Sudha from Sudha out of the Box she is a new blogger but not new to the world of arts & crafts. She is also in a community where we developed friendship. Got amazing creativity, patience to give a detailed tutorial and always ready to help by sharing the knowledge without second thought.
  5. Vidhya from Threads Given Life  another multitasking blogger pal who crochets, knits and also into paintings. Happy to see her participating actively.
  6. Iyerviji  of My Blogs. She is a very enthusiastic person who likes to stand first in appreciating others and give a motherly warmth with her gesture and words.
  7. Leela Govind from leelas hobbies is a new blogger - a good cook, expert crocheteer, embroider and other art & paint works.
  8. Poorni who is doing a wonderful job by presenting her yummy signature recipes through her blog Easy & Homely CookBook
  9. Crochetkari from http://crochetkari.blogspot.in/ - a crocheteer who is doing amazing crochet works with her beautiful narration.
Dear Mahi, Nitya Bhen, Usha, Sudha, Vidhya, Viji mami, Leela chechi, Poorni, Crochetkari,

applause a big hug to you all friends

To accept the award, Copy & paste the award to your blog, link back to me and Share the joy with your favourite blogpals who has less than 200 followers.  My best wishes to you all.
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